Published Aug 25. 2015 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Dec 18. 2015

Steady now...

This huge pike - an estimated 110 centimetres or 43.3 inches - had to be photographed, and since I was alone a soft cushion of sea weed was my only way out. Luckily the pike was quite calm. Pike are very robust and can endure quite a rough handling and several minutes out of water.
Martin Joergensen


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Dear anonymous, "...

Dear anonymous,

"Flap around" and "out of the water longer than is necessary" and "warmer months"...? Where does it say that about the above fish?

This fish was handled with utmost care, out of the water for about 20-30 seconds resting calmly on a weed bed about 2 feet from the water in the autumn and swam away with splashing vigour once I released it. Trust me, it was not harmed.

You are not the first person to question the robustness of pike, and I would like again to ask for some documentation of the fact that pike are more delicate than most other fish - apart from the fact that the sheer weight of large pike makes certain considerations necessary.

As you can read in my article elsewhere on landing and releasing pike, I generally consider pike a tough fish, which can endure a bit of handling. I do NOT recommend handling the fish for more than mere seconds in or out of the water, but specimen anglers have told me that pike can survive for very long periods rolled into a damp carp mat or kept in shallow water in a keep net.

Now, I do NOT endorse or recommend such treatment of any fish, but it just tells me that the few seconds that my pike are usually out of the water and the way that I handle them will hardly do them any harm.

Again: please refer me to some documentation that says otherwise and I will revise my way of doing things and writing about them.


Quote "Luckily the p...

Quote "Luckily the pike was quite calm. Pike are very robust and can endure quite a rough handling and several minutes out of water."

What a magnificent fish and what a disappointing comment. It is completely untrue, despite their appearence and predatory lifestyle Pike are actually one of the most delicate and sensitive fish and highly prone to serious damage when on the bank which can often be fatal if they are handled incorrectly, allowed to flap around on hard services and kept out of the water for longer thaan is necessary, especially so in the warmer months. To suggest that they are a hardy fish that can handle rough treatment on a fishing website is most irresponsible.

That's not a pike, i...

That's not a pike, it's a Russian Typhoon Class Submarine!

awesome pic, should ...

awesome pic, should be in the wallpaper section!!!!