Published Aug 25. 2015 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Sep 21. 2016

Barsebäck Ant

A giant mutant ant-hopper-foam-thinggy. Not a big producer... yet, but definitely a fly that can catch sea trout in the night.
Barsebäck Ant
Martin Joergensen


I would like to see ...

I would like to see better pict of this........might make a nice bass fly.

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James, And I have...


And I have never said anything else. In the podcast I mention that I referred to it as the Chernobyl Ant (slightly molested, I admit), but my friends dubbed it the Barsebäck Ant. Barsebäck is a Swedish nuclear power plant.


That fly is just a c...

That fly is just a corruption of a chernobyl ant.