Published Jul 14. 2007 - 16 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 10. 2020

Dual Tube Phlyz

In an effort to entice larger striped muggers (stripers) during the spring herring run on Cape Cod when big fish venture back into the shallow estuaries to the herring runs, Pete Gray started tying 8-12+ inches herring flies on double tubes.

A Dual Tube Herring Phly -
A finished dual tube fly - The fly has volume and height (and large eyes) like the natural, but is still lightweight and easy to cast
Pete Gray's Ballyhoo tubes - A nice pair
Assorted saltwater "Tubez" - From the hand of Pete Gray
Pete Grays huge Tube Phlyz
Pete Gray

DualTubeHerringPhlyz... my very own... PharSidePhlyz developed and produced here at Area61! There aren't too many phly guyz in these parts who have opted for this methodology. Clousers, Deep sand eel variations, and Deceivers reign supreme as does sinking and intermediate lines and the soup dejour... they have a place in the big scheme of things!

I'm not a big fan

of the standard tubular classics... granted, they serve their purpose and catch picky river preditors... I was more motivated to combine flat wing/deceiver/hollow tie/whatever to my particular tastes and applications and isn't that what innovative tying is all about anyway!?

In an effort

to entice larger striped muggers (stripers) during the spring herring run here on Cape Cod when Big Girlz venture back into the shallow estuaries to the herring runs, I started tying 8-12+ inches herring flyz...

Pete Gray with a striper

Dual tube fly - the double tubes

Covering up


Tying the dual tube

Danish Dual Tube

Dual tube system

The junction tube

seated at the end of the body tube had the hook running too far back for my liking, so after some R&D at my DynaKing and numerous visits to the fly drowning pool (back porch hot tub) I developed some promising prototypes of my own design and notion.
Larger BigEyed epoxy heads proved effective as did the slightly lighter but esthetically pleasing Jungle Cockeyed versions.

With the incorporation

of my tandem junction tube I was able to move the centre of gravity forward for a more natural and enticing appearance and, since the muggers seemed to prefer assaulting head on, my hook up rate improved as well.

Pete Gray Herrings - A troika of large herring imitations
Pete Gray's monsters - The coin indicates the size. These are large flies.
Herrings -
Pete Gray No 3 - A great baitfish pattern for saltwater use.
More tubed and untubed Pete Gray Phlyz
Pete Gray
Pete Gray's Squid Tubez

I don't like

using these when the toothy Blues appear out in deeper waters because of the shredding that goes on. Older tired soldiers get sacrificed now and then but the Blues attack from the sides trying to cut the fly in half. Trailer hooks might help but that's not my thing. I like horizontal Stripes best!

I prefer heavier 10-11 weight gear

overlined with floating lines. Casts are not long and the drifts are key with the undulating motion of the long hackles that brings out the beast and 6 feet of 20 lbs. flourocarbon simplifies the basic presentation! Tapers are optional and effective for longer casts.

My goal is

to "insinuate" movement and mass without trying to throw heavy phur n' pheater look-a-likes. For my efforts, the DualTube is spot on with the hook up front.


Pete Gray & The Girlz



Good evening Pete, ...

Good evening Pete,
I don't know how to express myself enough,
Your Double Tube idea is perfect........ I think describes it best.
Of all the items on this site, to me this is it !
Your double tube has changed my ideas and thinking for both the salt and the freshwater for ever.

So simple, its been there all the time, but I never saw it.
And as a bonus the fly will ride vertical always.

Many thanks again for changing my fly World.
Kind regards,

Pete Gray's picture

The example shown by...

The example shown by Martin captures my tandem application intent nicely...
A minor suggestion would be to shorten the lower tube in order to bring the hook junction (and centre of gravity) as far forward as possible.
Most of my lower junction tubes are only 3/8"-1/2" long with just enough trailing soft tube to properly secure the hook.
Besides the thread wraps, I'll use some zap-a-gap or epoxy to weld things together and then apply the phinal phur n' pheathers and eyez to complete the desired "interpretation".
Less is more...Sparse is good...The intent is NOT to create hampsters or stuffed animals but to present an "insinuation" of shape and movement...
The long flowing material will undulate with the slightest currents during a dead drift (stay just tight enough to detect an assault) occassional irratic strip can also provoke a mugging...
Time onthewater is the best teacher and a good prozac alternative!


Pete Gray's picture

re: that

re: that "air chair"...I've got a knock-off...When I say I'm just hangin' around, I really am! TWO (2) thumbs up!

re: CRAP!!!!..."Where was I"...sorry, "just hangin' around!" Too bad I missed the cut...I posted my DualTube on flyfishingforum a few years ago and posted here sometime last August...maybe I'll make "Tubez part Deux, the Next Generation"
Go figure!?


Tell us about that c...

Tell us about that chair.

Bob Kenly's picture

CRAP !!!!! where wer...

CRAP !!!!! where were you when I was putting my book "Tube Flies Two:Evalution" together, I just gotta send this to my Neurosurgeon who fishes Stripers in your neck of the World. WELL DONE

Eugene Crist's picture


This may be a dumb question but how do you rig the dual tube? You'd have to run the line through the lower tube to take advantage of the more forward hook so I'm guessing that's how you do it. I'm also guessing the wing causes it to swim right-side up. Let me know if my assumptions are correct if you don't mind. I love the idea. The more forward hook placement would really increase hook-ups.

Martin Joergensen's picture



You figured it out yourself: the line goes through the lower tube and the hook will hang short of the longer top tube and tail.



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