Published Aug 25. 2015 - 5 years ago
Updated or edited Feb 27. 2019

The construction

These two specimens show the construction: tube, foam, strips, hook.


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Martin, I think you'...

Martin, I think you're being trolled.

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What a mature commen...

What a mature comment...

At first I was just going to delete it, but then I thought: no way! Let me expose you as the moron you are. You might never see it, but then again you just might be curious and smug enough to want to check if there's a reply, and yes, there is:

What is is with you overly critical commenters?

1) You do not have the guts to tell your names and stand by your critique, but cowardly hide behind fake addresses and made up names or handles.

2) Your criticism is inarticulate and without arguments, and merely consists of badly phrased insults. Why is this not a fly? Why don't you like it? How is being like a Rapala wobbler a bad thing? How is chucking a Rapala wobbler a bad thing?

3) Whatever have my kids done since you always have to drag them into the picture? They have no part in this and it's really, (like REALLY!) low of you to use them in this way in any kind of comment. And by the way: I only have boys and they don't tie flies. And if I had a daughter and she had made this, I'd be proud.

Come out of the closet (pun intended) and reveal yourself and argue a bit. I'd love to defend my excellent fly.


What a gayass fly! ...

What a gayass fly! This isn't tying! If you need to resort to these flies, just start chuckin rapalas and mono. who tied it, your daughter?