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Doing a Step-By-Step

This article teaches you how to do a proper series of step-by-step photos of a fly pattern being tied - also known as an SBS.

Stuff underway

This is the content that I'm working on right now for the Global FlyFisher. None of it has a deadline or a planned publishing date, but is in the works. Some articles take a week to write and publish, some take years - literally - so just because it's listed here, doesn't mean that it's online tomorrow or next week.
Articles which are set to be published, will be listed above in the case that they are ready to go online soon.

Baltic flies for calm and clear water

In this part of the series on different coastal conditions, we look at a common situation: water clear as gin and maybe even calm as a mirror. Not the easiest of fishing conditions, but adapting gear and flies to the situation helps.
Started: May 11. 2023
Updated: Sep 11. 2023

Smallest Fly Page

Images from Dutch Hans Weilenmann's 1998/99 project SFP - Smallest Fly Page - with size 32 flies from all over the world
Started: Jan 26. 2023
Updated: Sep 11. 2023

The Frugal Fly-Tyer

I sometimes wonder how much material is wasted when people tie flies. Here are some tips on saving.
Started: Aug 25. 2015
Updated: Jun 29. 2021

Shamelessly simple

Some flies are so simple and use so few materials that it's almost embarrassing. Simple and maybe even be ugly... but most of them are deadly efficient.
Started: Sep 8. 2019
Updated: Feb 22. 2021

Durable flies: Wrapping, dubbing and ribbing

When building up the fly - bodies in particular - wrapping material is a key technique. Learn to wrap in a durable manner.
Started: Jan 30. 2020
Updated: Feb 22. 2021

Durable flies: Tying in materials

By using the proper technique, you can ensure that tied in materials stay where they are placed and won't loosen once you start wrapping them
Started: Jan 30. 2020
Updated: Feb 22. 2021

My favorite material

My favorite material should come as no surprise to most of my friends and people who have read articles on this web site for a long time
Started: Nov 15. 2016
Updated: Feb 22. 2021

Hook bends

Sproat, Limerick, round... what does the hook bend mean to the shape and strength of a hook?
Started: May 22. 2019
Updated: Feb 22. 2021

Choosing a fly tying vise

What fly tying vise should you buy? Well, that's depends as they say... here's my advice on selecting a good vise.
Started: Nov 12. 2018
Updated: Feb 22. 2021

Going small in the big sea

The ocean might be big, but the flies you use in it don't have to be large too. Large fish also eat small things.
Started: Nov 7. 2016
Updated: Feb 22. 2021