Published Jan 27. 2011 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Nov 29. 2020

Streamer Hook Reference

The reference here is focused on the long streamers, namely 4xl and longer hooks. Many of the hooks listed are hard to find, but if you keep an eye on...

The reference here is focused on the long streamers, namely 4xl and longer hooks. Many of the hooks listed are hard to find, but if you keep an eye on auctions and the streamer forums, you may get lucky and find a few. If sources are available, they are listed. I'd also like to send out thanks to Alan Grombacher, Glenn Peckel, Bob Petti, Don Ordes and Scott Bernard for donating hooks for the project.


Allcock W212 Hook Profile


Allcock 2811 6xl Limerick Hook Profile

Allcock 2811 8xl Limerick Hook Profile


Allen 300 Hook Profile

Ray Bergman Nyack

Ray Bergman Loop Eye Sproat Hook Profile

Ray Bergman Yellow Label Hook Profile

Castle Arms

Castle Arms Heritage Allcock Streamers Hook Profile


Daiichi 2340 Hook Profile

Daiichi 2370 (Dick Talleur) Hook Profile

English Angling Trappings

English Angling Trappings #35


Gamakatsu Russian River Hook Profile

Gealic Supreme

Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer Hook Profile

Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 8xl Hook Profile

Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer 6xl Hook Profile


Mustad-Chestertown 3298 Hook Profile

* Model 3300 is similar to the 3298 with a straight ring eye.

Mustad 3665A Hook Profile

Mustad 3907 A Hook Profile

Mustad 3907 B Hook Profile


Mustad 94720 Hook Profile

Mustad 36685 Hook Profile

Mustad 36717 Russian River Hook Profile

Mustad 36808 Hook Profile


Mustad 79666 Hook Profile

Mustad 9575 Hook Profile

Mustad L87-3665A Hook Profile

Mustad 79 Hook Profile

Mustad B-17 Hook Profile


Partridge CS15 Carrie Stevens Hook Profile

Partridge CS15 Black Nickel Hook Profile

Partridge CS17 Ken Baker Hook Profile


Ken Sawada LD3 Hook Profile


Edgar Sealey & Sons 1762B A Hook Profile

Edger Sealey & Sons 1797B Hook Profile

Edger Sealey & Sons 1797J Hook Profile

Edger Sealey & Sons S1034 Hook Profile


Talon ST400 Hook Profile

Tiemco / TMC

Tiemco TMC 300 Hook Profile

John Willis & Co.

John Willis & Co 10xl Spraot Hook Profile

Unknown Hook Specimens

Unknown 6/0 Gold Finish Hook Profile


Comment to Hook Reference...

This reference will be a good resouce.
The Mustad 3665A is a hook many of my fishing streamers are tied on.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks Alan

I'll be adding lots more over the next few months with what I have. I've still got some holes, but I think i have a decent start to a collection.

Comment to Hook Reference...

many years I used the 36620 hook from mustad,liked the look of the ringed eye

Comment to Hook Reference...

It is a cool little hook Barry. I wish I had some bigger sizes.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Great to see all these together like this. Good work

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks Bob! I've got lots more to add over the next little while as well. :)

Comment to Hook Reference...

Darren, i just received some of the new Mustad L87(formerly ther 3665A) I held a Size 2 up against my old 3665A #2 and the new ones are about an 1/8th of an inch longer that the old ones for a size #2. They are also finished much nicer that the old ones. They claim to be 3XH/7XL and I am sure they are exactly that. I thought you might want to update your page.
Cheers, Joel
I, for one, will be using the new ones as soon as my old ones run out, maybe even before!!!

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks Joel!

I just got in a set of the L87 hooks and will be adding them as a separate entry. I like the newer hook better as well, that little bit of extra length on the larger sizes will be nice to work with. :)

Comment to Hook Reference...

This is a fantastic hook reference, Darren. Very helpful and fun. Thanks a bunch.

Comment to Hook Reference...

NP and thanks! More to be added too.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Exceptionally nicely done, Darren!

Comment to Hook Reference...

Darren, this is wonderful work. You really have something to be proud of here. Bravo!

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks Kelly :) A few years of collecting hooks and I've still got another 20 or more hook profiles to add.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Excellent hook reference, Thank you. I noticed that you do not have a photo of the Sealey 1762B or 1714B . I will be happy to send you the 1762B 2/0 - 10XL or 1714B 3/0 6XL if you would like.

Comment to Hook Reference...

I would take a sample or 2 of the 1714B 3/0 6XL. I've got a nice range of the 1762B to post, as well as the 1797J and another shorter 4xl model. Thanks David

Comment to Hook Reference...

Darren, I just turned up some hooks that I had given to me with some other stuff/ They are marked 222o but no manufacturer. Would you have a clue what they may be. They seem to be fairly modern as they resemble some of the later ones you have here

Comment to Hook Reference...

Perhaps a Tiemco numbering, or something from one of the major manufacturers in Japan or China. can you send me a pic?

Comment to Hook Reference...

Darren: Great job putting the hook reference guide together. Thanks for adding the B-17 to your guide. In the picture you reference it as a VMC B-15, should that be corrected to B-17.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks Charlie. Thanks for spotting my error, I've corrected it as well. I've got more hooks to add to the list as well when I can find some time to photograph them.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Helppp!!! I am looking for the mustad 79666 keel hooks but can't seem to locate any stores that carry this product. Does anybody out there know where I can find some. Thanks....

Comment to Hook Reference...

Janet, these are discontinued. Your best bet is to try Ebay. There is a Keel hook from VMC, a model of the B-17. You can get in touch with Charlie Mann for them.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks for the information. Actually what I am looking for is a hook that will glide hook up so as to not catch the moss near the bottom where I am fishing for large mouth bass.

Comment to Hook Reference...

In a past life I had a small fly shop. One year I went to the dealer show in Denver and bought a box of 1000 (silent auction) Mustad Carrie Stevens size 2 10xl long hooks. I don't know the model number. I'd send you a couple if I had your address.
Bob Olszewski (

Comment to Hook Reference...

Sounds cool Bob, I'll shoot you an email.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Still no address!

Comment to Hook Reference...

Hey Bob

Your email address is bouncing for me. Her is my address

Darren MacEachern
32 Southwell Avenue
Whitby, ON
L1P 1N4

Comment to Hook Reference...

Hey Bob

The hooks arrived today in the mail and I compared them to the hooks I have here. They are the same hook as the VMC B-17 right down the minute detail. I believe that Charlie Mann had told me that they used to be a Mustad hook at one time. I'll check with him next time I call him.

Thanks for sending the hooks.

Comment to Hook Reference...

I've updated the entry for the VMC and removed it from the listing. These should have been listed as Mustad B-17 hooks and not VMC B-17.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Just found this page ( I'm usually late for the party). I have some Mustad 3665a in a #1 and 1/0 if you would like a couple for the hooks.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Hey Josh welcome to the page and thanks for the offer of the hooks! Any hooks I can add to the collection are most welcome. You can email me


Comment to Hook Reference...

I know it's over a year ago and I don't know if you are still looking for the keel hooks but I have about 100 each in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Thanks Bill. I managed to find some on EBAY so I got them there. I am so glad I found this web site as it has been most helpful.

Comment to Hook Reference...

Hello everyone. I love Mustad L87-3665A hooks. I love to tie streamers on them, but I can´t find them in any of Czech fly shops. They just don ´t offer them, the only usable streamer hooks that I can buy are TMC 300 but I don´t like them much because of soft and flexible twire. Only some Mustad carp hooks available...:-) Can anyone help me with getting one package of L-87 3665A size 8 hooks? I can offer some beautiful Whiting pack hackles or feather samples and some samples of fluo cerise marabou for that for a change.
Thanks everyone for the help, Petr


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