Fishing TV-shows and videos

This list is a compilation of longer fishing videos and TV-shows about fishing that are actually worth watching. New and old. English and other languages. Fly fishing and not.


In October 2016 I wrote a rant about a TV fishing show that I watched – or rather watched the first episode of – and had quite a few reactions from the readers.

That motivated me to compile this list of TV-shows and longer features on fishing that are actually worth watching.

The criteria is that they are 15-20 minutes or more and contain material actually worth the time. They are no instructional videos like fly tying or casting videos, but features with a narrative or a story line. They can be TV-shows, DVD's, online videos or whatever. They can be free to watch online, commercially available or hard to find. They can be on bait fishing, fly fishing, deep sea fishing or some other kind of non-commercial fishing, just as long as they are well made and display fishing done in a way that will be worth spending time on watching for an angler like you and me. I have included non-English shows too for the benefit of our many non-English visitors, so you will find some “foreign” language shows too.