GFF Summit 2006

Published Jun 25th 2006

This is a first! Not that we GFF partners haven't fished with each other and with a lot of you GFF visitors, but we have never set up a formal meeting.


That is what we do now!

The first Annual GFF Summit.

GFF summit forum
Drop me a mail on or go to the GFFsummit forum and let us all know and I'll start building a list of participants and get this thing rolling.
The issue has been discussed a bit in our discussion forum, and while there was no uniform opinion about a time of year, there was a consensus on making this a European event in the first round. Since one fourth of the GFF partners (namely me, Martin Joergensen) is in Denmark, I found Denmark to be the perfect place for a first summit (sic!). And in Denmark the island Fyn is centrally placed and fairly easily accessible to most people from Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Fyn also offers some fine fishing—not a big disadvantage the purpose of the arrangement taken into consideration.

Regarding the time we don't want to wait too long, so I have set the dates to mid September. Mid-summer is not good and August is usually still a bit too warm. In September we have both sea trout in the daytime (as well as evening, night and morning) and probably mullet too. And should anybody be so inclined, there are streams as well as lakes, which have started to come down in temperature.

Denmark with Fyn marked - The island Fym (or Funen or Fün) is centrally placed in Denmark and accessible by bridge from the mainland and the rest of Europe.
Denmark with Fyn marked
So September 14th-17th this year it is.
And Fyn in Denmark it is.

Google Maps shows you the island

The practicalities will follow, but let's agree on some camping ground near or on the coast, probably in the Northern part of Fyn, but don't consider that a final decision.
I will aim for somewhere with both tent space and cabins, should anyone want some luxury.

Basically the trip will be with self-catering, but we may do some coordination on-site or in advance depending on our moods.

Participation will be free of charge. You just have to pay for the camping and what else you need. Licenses for the coast are dirt-cheap and apart from waders you need a 5-7 weight rod, a floater or intermediate line (or a ditto shooting head) and a bunch of grey Woolly Buggers.

More details will follow as things develop.

Regards the GFF staff
Martin (& Bob, Raske & Steve)

What's in store for the participants?
Danish fishing can be everything from fantastic to mediocre or even lousy.
But just to wet your appetite, here's a bunch of articles on GFF on the subject:

Registered participants 1 confirmed
NameArrives from
But isn't necessarily from...
Hostel (persons/beds)StatusPaid (Amount due)
Asger Sondergaard Olesen (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Atli Gilbert Sigurdsson (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Bo SvarreUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Claus Bech-PetersenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Eddy ScheinpflugUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Florian Vogt (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Frank Oksborg (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Hans Jacob Schou (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
hans lindegaardUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Hans WeilenmannUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Henning Eskol (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Henrik Leth (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Jan B. KristensenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Jari Wiklund (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Jesper Kamstrup (1 bed)ConfirmedNo (Euros 125.-)
Kai Nolting (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Kasper Mhlbach (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Kristaps KnesisUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Lars Chr. BentsenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Les Austin
(With wife)
(2 beds)UnknownNo (Euros 250.-)
Martin Joergensen (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Martin KjeldgaardUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Mathias KensaUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Michael SkjoldborgUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Nicolai Paasch EriksenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Paul Kalbrener (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Peter GuttormsenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Ralph HertlingUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Rasmus OvesenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Ripley DavenportNo (0 beds)UnknownNo (Euros 75.-)
Steve WadeNo (0 beds)UnknownNo (Euros 75.-)
Stuart LonghurstUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Sven HempelUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Svend HansenUndecided (1 bed)UnknownNo (Euros 125.-)
Vanuz (Branislav Ondrejka)
(With wife)
(2 beds)UnknownNo (Euros 250.-)

User comments
From: David Swain · wdswain·at·  Link
Submitted September 17th 2006


Hope the fish-in went well. I tried to catch sea-trout at Gilleleje in August but too hot. A 9 kilo sea-trout came out of the Gudena on a night I was there but not to me. Ah well!


From: Kai Nolting · kai-nolting·at·  Link
Submitted September 8th 2006

Hi there,

now it's only a couple of days to the GFFsummit and I'm very exited to meet and great you all on Fyn.
Has anyone experiences about the conditions regarding seatrouts, weather, etc.


Looking forward to see you soon

From: Kai Nolting · kai-nolting·at·  Link
Submitted September 5th 2006

Hi Florian,
I've just sent an email to Martin, that I'm going to attend the meeting. So I'm not on his list, yet.
I live in Leverkusen (near Colone) and if you like to travel on the motorway via A3 / A1 / A7 to Fyn, I appreciate to accompanion you.
If you are interested, I think it's best to correspond directly via Email

From: Florian · Florian.Vogt·at·  Link
Submitted August 29th 2006

If somebody wants to join my long journey from Frankfurt / Main, please contact me.
It's no problem to pick you up on the towns along my way (Kassel, Hannover, Hamburg, Flensburg, etc.)

From: Ralph Hertling · ralph.hertling·at·  Link
Submitted August 1st 2006

I'd love to join too.
But I have no car.
Is there anybody planning to travel by car from Berlin to the summit ... and has an occasional seat and some luggageplace left free for me?

From: Brian Larson · blarson·at·  Link
Submitted July 26th 2006

Send me a ticket and I'd love to join in. On the other hand I think I'm supposed to be collecting gypsy moth traps yet.

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