Published Oct 21. 2015 - 1 year ago
Updated or edited Feb 20. 2017

We don't publish "guest posts"

Contributions are more than welcome, but what is known as guest posts or sponsored posts aren't, and here is why.

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Martin Joergensen

What is known in marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as "guest posts" are 90% irrelevant articles on subjects only remotely interesting to our readers - and they are also vessels for more or less elegantly disguised ads or endorsements or other marketing mechanisms. The worst ones are pure opportunistic click bait and SEO aides. The better ones are simply sponsored content or articles with links to online stores, mainly put there to accelerate sales rather than bringing information to the reader. We don't want to support either.
Some guest posters will even offer you to pay for bringing the article, AKA sponsored posts. That won't help much here. Junk posts are still junk posts, and the payment is lousy anyway.

So if you are a professional or semi-professional guest poster and think the large Global FlyFisher audience is "gefundenes fressen" for you, just forget it. We're not publishing traditional guest posts.

If you, on the other hand, have relevant fly-fishing or fly-tying related content in the form of articles, book excerpts, photo essays, fly patterns, video trailers and all other kinds of material targeting a very selective and spoiled audience, we'd be more than happy to hear from you. Read this article on contributing and even this about marketing opportunities, and then drop me a mail on with your suggestion.

GFF editor and webmaster
Martin Joergensen

PS: Here's little rant about guest posts.