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Do you like this site?

May 6. 2018
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Green storage

Apr 16. 2018
Nerd alert
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Drupal, YouTube and Vimeo integration

Feb 21. 2018
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The new GFF HQ

Feb 18. 2018
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The decline of GFF

Jan 4. 2018
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Preserving old URLs

Jun 25. 2017
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A little about caching

Nov 15. 2016
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Contacting companies

Jun 1. 2016
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Newsletter revival

Feb 9. 2016
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Image theft

Jun 10. 2015

GFF might have ads!

Jan 21. 2014
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The Blue Marble

Dec 10. 2013



Since you got this far …

… I have a small favor to ask.

Long story short

Support the Global FlyFisher through Patreon or Ko-fi. Both offer PayPal payments.

Long story longer

The Global FlyFisher has been online since the mid-90's and has been free to access for everybody since day one – and will stay free for as long as I run it.
But that doesn't mean that it's free to run.
It costs money to drive a large site like this.

See more details about what you can do to help in this blog post.