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    Congratulations on the new place - from what little I've seen of the area outside of Copenhagen, it is very beautiful. And, yes, thanks very much for being around to read - you're site has always had a lot of good content. I feel interest in fly fishing in general has been growing here in America, while (perhaps?) declining globally? Which is concerning. At any rate, there are many more sites now than there ever were before, and yet I still coming back to this one...

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    That sounds like a pretty good improvement of the pattern. I like simple patterns, but your changes will definitely make the fly more mouse-like. I'd love to see a picture.


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    I liked the Sydney opera mouse but it looked like something was missing. I spun three clumps of white deer hair on the hook then trimmed the hair flat on the bottom of the hook,then I tied the foam down at the eye then pulled it over the deer hair and tied the foam down in the back. I tied a narrow piece of leather in the back for a tail. I used 3D craft paint black for eyes,paint brush brissels for whiskers .looks pretty cool can't wait to see how it fishes

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    link does not work

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    Than you for posting this video. Dad would be happy that others are still tying his pattern.
    Wade Blevins

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    I like a lot of your flies, I'm a sea trout fly Fisher so a size 10,8,6 there great

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    Wondering if you would send me an E-mail so I could pick your brain about making my own reel. I work at a machine shop and really want to make my first fly real

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    Would love to see a video of this fly being made!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing my crab fly. I've adjusted it a little since the original, originally this was intended for trigger fish which was why I went for the flyliner which triggers can't crush like standard hooks, but this is a difficult hook to drive home. I now tie them on Gamakatsu teflon coated carp hooks which are still pretty resilient against the trigger's teeth but easier to drive home.



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    Thank you for being around to read. And more fly tying videos, please.

    It's been 40+ degrees c for the last three days here in Adelaide, Australia, and continuing.

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    Congratulations! A decision growing inside me too. Back to a house, far from Stockholm and all the boring pikes. Back to Öresund?

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    :) Funny looking flies. I like them. Thanks for sharing. BK