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    @Bernd everyone is allowed an opinion.

    Thanks for the view,


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    do people fish for sea trout in Estonia as they do in other neigbouring countries? I

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    I'm glad you like LeaderCalc, even though I'm quite sure that 1970 is a bit exaggerated. The system is much younger than that, but anyhow... And with regards to the new version, you will not need to download anything, but can use it directly from the site.


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    I've used LeaderCalc since 1970 and love it. Used mostly for wet & dry fly fishing, Steelhead & Trout. I was weeding out my favorite's & Bookmarks which have grown quite large over the years, clicked on "The Global FlyFisher's" web page just to see what's new and found that you updated "LeaderCalc" Downloading it today & can't wait to see what's new. Thank's guy's for such a fine product. hcmiller

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    Thank you , for a look at flies from the past, now i am doing them and enjoying to tie them very much, i have the veniards book and there's a bunch of flies calling to be tied.I always found it difficult for the wings but the more i tie the more i like to tie them. Is there threads that tie feather wings better

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    I don't think the height matters much. The springs I have used and made ride directly on the vise shaft and that has worked fine. Actually I think I prefer the spring to be in line with the hook shank.


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    This Video has in my opinion nothing to do with flyfishing. Why is it nessecary to flyrod under all circumstances for species like different sharks, when it`s clear, that the handling of the fish after fighting is not only difficult, but also damaging for the sharks? Sorry, definitly NO cool guys, but only man who like to chase records. A real bad picture of our Sport. I flyfish for exact 37 years for a lot of species, because I think, flyfishing is the most natural and fair way to catch fish. But: Sometimes it is not enough just to "cast" a flyrod to be a true flyfisher....

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    Martin, I am grateful for all your information.
    Regarding your project, DIY material spring.
    I would be interested to know if you think the
    height of the above the primary rotary shaft matters.
    For example the Renzetti Master Vise Material Clip,
    the PeakK Material Clip, and the DYNA-KING Add On
    Material Clips are all elevated above the shaft.
    However many vise manufactures use springs that are
    directly on the shaft. Please tell me your thoughts.

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    Clear and easy to understand video of the major steps involved in the construction of homemade leaders. Great general reference.

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    Problem with the wings much to long what size feather should i use

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    Have been watching Davie for years and telling many students in many classes to watch his videos. Did not even see the "Donate" link. I'll send Davie a note to make it BIGGER. Just sent a donation. Well worth it.

    Thanks for bringing this to a fans attention!


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    The article pretty clearly says "We'll also assume that you are a right hand tyer winding the thread clockwise on the hook when it's seen from the hook eye end."
    I think that about covers the left/right hand issue.

    Regarding Danville, it's simply not there because I hadn't tied much with it when this article was written 15 years ago. I have since tried it, but have to say that I don't fully agree that it's the best thread out there. Horses for courses, you know. Thread choice is very dependent on what and how you tie.