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    I'm confused is Picric Acid yellow dye explosiv or not?

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    As an alternative power source for this lamp you could use one of the many USB power banks used for topping up phones. It would not be difficult to incorporate one into a vice base. I have one that came from Lidl for about 12 euros, and one off ebay with a built in solar charger. The solar charger would be ideal if you are going off grid, and want to tie.

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    Just one Word: Great
    Video, Comments, Pattern, Humor!(Hooligan Crab :o))
    Two Thumbs up!



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    I remember when this came out, great soundtrack and footage.

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    What else can I say? You're right.

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    The LED panel is pretty awesome, but also a beast. I use a Manfrotto lamp swivel head, a Friction Arm and a Super Clamp to hold it. It's a large and heavy thing and needs some serious support. I will see if I can dig out a picture of my setup and add it to the article.


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    How did you table mount the LED panel?

    It seems like the best option in every way in my opinion.

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    Dear all,

    this is a serious advisory. Check it for yourself.
    2010 I got diagnosed MD, Macula Degeneration. Iwas diagnosed to becoming blind.
    I was a Computer Grafic and 3D Designer since 1987, first Flatscreens and 12 hours work in front of LED_Screens.
    RGB = Red, Green, Blue LED'S in a matrix.
    White and Blue LED's emerce a high frequent light, it's laserlight.
    The blue light destrois the Retina - Macula Lutea Part of the Retina.

    I'm not getting blind, I lost my business, but reversed my MD. Getting retiered soon, anyway.

    That's what I did:
    8.000 - 10.000 I.U. Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2
    Lots of raw green leaf vegies.
    Most important:
    Orange Glasses (High quality Sunglasses are okay), Blue absorbingly 98%, when working at the computer screen.
    I where them all day long.
    Giving up my business, I go fishing, tie fys and furle leaders.
    My MD got better about 50%, I'm not getting blind, I'm improving. Ask my Clinc.

    I use normal Lamps and Halogen - no LED'S. Best for Flytying - Sunny Days ore Daylight.
    At darkness or night, don't tie. Sleep, than eat, than tie, than go fishing.
    Profe my words.

    Regards and all the best,

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    Thanks for sharing. A great and beautiful magazine, absolutely worth reading for anyone interested in split cane rods.


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    I will not watch these shows. Competitive angling is like competitive eating, the activity doesn't equate well with competition. "River Monsters" is basically this goof going around the world catching the local catfish species. HAHA We have bass fishing competitions here in the US which are as foreign to my fishing experiences as if I were underwater in bull fighting gear to catch those fish.

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    The Adhesive lined stick or reeled 3/1mm needs a heat source for it to shrink down, keep applying the heat and the inner glue lining starts to melt and flow and ooze outwards, when this happens stop heating and allow to cool on its own. This will give you an incredible water resistant mould onto what you require.

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    Excellent tip. I would suggest experimenting with 3 to 1 adhesive shrink tube in either 3mm or 4.8mm. It shrinks 3 times its diameter and the adhesive melts and bonds the tube to the fly line. The heat will also weld the fly line together so double secutity. Smooth adhesive that leaks out of each end to create a slick feel to the tube ends. No need to remove the shrink tube afterwards. Can be color coded as well. I use black for reel end and red for the tip which also acts as an indicator. On e-bay 500mm of 3mm costs £1.95