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    Sorry, but I can't be of much help here. You will have to dig around a bit yourself. Try "salmon fishing booking river Leardal" on Google, and you'd be surprised how much information there is right under your fingertips!


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    We first saw the Mop Fly at a Disabled Veteran fly fishing outing. It was hot, being used to catch many trout. I'm sure more will be tied at the weekly fly tying gathering of vets. Simple to tie, with lots of room for creativity. Cool fly!

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    My Grandfather one caught a 24 kilo fish from the Horse Pool, I really want to follow in his footsteps, how best to book it and at what time of year?

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    If this fly is half as good as I have read about, I am going to have a very successful trip.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

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    I love these fly-tying theory articles. I find them much more useful to my development as a tyer and fisherman than simply memorizing a few specific patterns. Thank you.

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    Use water and soap... simple as that. We have several articles on the site about cleaning materials, but this one should be useful in your case:


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    The fish on the right side seems like a dinosaur! Weird!

    May I share the picture on my WhatsApp Group? Thanks!

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    I know the spotsmenship of fishing should not measured by the size of your catchs, please take time to flyfish Tarpon, trust me you will get hooked.

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    I recently acquired some nice saddle hackle and capes but the previous owner stored them with mothballs. I have kept the material outside for ventilation but the feathers and skin are still very much consumed with the mothball vapors. Before I start using and handling the material I want to get rid of these harmful vapors. Do you have any recommendation on what I should use and the process I should take in cleaning, deoderizing and perseving this material? Thank you.

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    I use Janns netcraft visual hook guide with actual templates to put your against. I use the fly tying hook sizing chart. it works for me Janns

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    competition on is for the ring, court or politics , I fish with the long rod for the shear mechanics of the sport, winter river fishing is my zen , the staccato of the tree branches in the wind , the soothing murmur of the riffle and if the fishing gods so decide the moaning of my hardy in to the backing in the morning mist that's all I ask for ,,clean water healthy fish and the pleasure of the release for another day.. thank you

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    Nice post about popular location. I'm currently planning new travel (to Belgium) and this information could be helpful. Thanks! Cheers!