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    Thank you for the post

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    I started fishing a couple of months ago and all I can say is that it's a great experience, especially when you get your first big fish!

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    This is one of the most beautiful message to share about our passion: fishing.....NO One can understand what does it exactly mean. But if you only know that water flows in each moment, then you can understand that life change in every moment. So we are only observers of these moments and we must know about good choices for living better, here, under stars and sun. Thanks a lot for this sharing

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    Jim, you are one of the best fly tyers that I enjoy watching. I like the leach pattern, but do not have bird fur. I use maraboo feathers instead. I like to keep a slightly shorter tail; so that I don't get short strikes. I usually fish for hatchery trout and they seem to like any type of wooley bugger, especially black. I also like to keep my hackle long and close to the chenille body so that it moves, but does not stick out; sort of like a wet fly type of longer hackle. It works for me. I think you are a great instructor. My suggestion is that you also tell tyers that they can subtitute materials that they have in their tying table, like maraboo instead of bird fur. I am not familiar with bird fur. Keep up the excellent work, I enjoy watching all of your videos and you provide and excellent service to all of us amateurs. Thanks again. Dominick

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    Unfortunately not... you will have to watch the video and listen to the instructions where the materials are mentioned as they are used. Or you can ask the originator by going to YouTube and posting a comment on the video.


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    Could you please send me a list of the materials needed to tie this perch pattern?

    Jerry C.

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    This is a great article and beautiful photos and patterns. I have been trout fishing for over 50 years but have never used or tied wet flies or soft hackles. I have just been a nymph, streamer, dry fly guy but just this year have gotten interested in fishing wet flies and soft hackles after talking to an elderly retired doctor in Wisconsin who started the first TU chapter in central WI. He has forgotten more about fly fishing that I ever knew. I can't wait to try what I have learned this next season and use the flies I tied. Thanks again for a very informative article.

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    I was given one of these back in the early 80's by a great fly tyer named Edie Mashiko. The only difference between the one today and the original one is the insert. Back then Edie used a chore girl. Some of you younger people might not know what that is. it's a copper scrubbing pad made for cleaning pots and pans. I would have to think that it's much coarser and durable than steel wool. My cleaner is still going strong after 30+ years of use.

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    Great little fly, a lot of the ponds here in Maine have healthy leech populations, after ice out on the native Brooke ponds they are easy forage, simple and effective.

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    Thanks Brian for this awesome post, it seems it keeps bringing in visitors, even if 4 years have passed.
    Nothing can pay knowledge achieved over the years and then passed to others in a few moments.
    Despite fishing for Seabass as long as I can remember, there's always things to learn if you pay attention, so thanks once again.
    By the way, If you come to the Algarve (southern Portugal) let me know and I will be pleased to cast some flies with you.

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    Sorry, but I can't be of much help here. You will have to dig around a bit yourself. Try "salmon fishing booking river Leardal" on Google, and you'd be surprised how much information there is right under your fingertips!


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    We first saw the Mop Fly at a Disabled Veteran fly fishing outing. It was hot, being used to catch many trout. I'm sure more will be tied at the weekly fly tying gathering of vets. Simple to tie, with lots of room for creativity. Cool fly!