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    This is exactly the information I sought.

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    Excellent, very interesting technique, shall be making a cutter tomorrow.
    Thank you

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    One can get the 35mm film canisters on Amazon. I just purchased 25 for $10.00 U.S.

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    The donate button can be found under the home tab on the YouTube Channel. I consider Davie mcphail the Ronaldo of fly-tying, and his videos help thousends of Tyers to raise their game, worth a donation!

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    Just started tying flies. I was introduced by a friend (a great fly tyer also)to McPhail. Great Vids!
    sent him a donation.

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    You are so right a fly with an ugly head will catch fish and can be durable, but still I will prefer the one with the nice head. As you can read in the article, nice heads reflect good tying skills, and good tying skills mean durable flies. And a large head with many wraps does NOT equal a more durable fly - more like the opposite. The final wraps on the fly shouldn't be all that holds it together.

    It's like a meal. Something that looks disgusting can taste very well and fill you, but personally I'd still prefer something that looks delicious and does the same. There's no reason that it looks bad when you can make it look good - unless the aim is to make it look bad.


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    I started tying flys in the 70's off and on in my spare time. Until about 20 years ago and started tying on a regular basis. Alot of people have said they like my flys. I have posted them on Facebook and on Instagram. I know some of my flys have large heads, out of proportion sometimes. But know this, I can catch 10 or more trout on one of my flys as opposed to some of the others that are beautiful but come apart after a few casts. And mind you I said casts, not fish strikes. If it makes you happy to tye a fly that is beautiful but not durable, then have at it. To me my materials for tying flys are too expensive to be lost after only a cast or two. Hey!!! The name of the game is tying fishing flys to catch fish. Not to be put in a frame for the Den or Office wall just because it looks good. That may be okay for guys that follow traditional fly tying. Believe me I tye Classic Salmon flys to catch fish. Not hang on my wall. The materials cost can financially put you in the poor house. I have cut my costs by tying with substitutes rather than the rare and sometimes illegal materials that would put you in jail.
    Guys, the only advice about Fly Heads I can give you is tye with what you are comfortable with. Be it shiney and plastic looking, to rough and wraps exposed. Whatever you as a fly fisherman is happy with and it catches you fish. Who cares if it looks a little rough or shiney as a new penny. The idea is its your fly you made and tyed with your two hands and it catches fish. The name of the game.

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    Tim, I love your videos but I think you're way off base with this review. In my opinion, this is the worst tension controlled bobbin holder on the market. I bought a compact and a standard based on your review and both fray thread (Veevus, UTC, Uni), break thread, and lose tension constantly. Frustrated with this, I did more research and found that these are common problems with Stonfo bobbins. I love my Stonfo vise and other tools, but these bobbin holders are garbage. I now use mine for wire. If you have some secret on how to make them suck less, I would love to hear it. Cheers.

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    Love this fly. I've even fished it at Sheep Creek Reservoir with great results. N.B.: Be sure to get your fishing license from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation store in order to fish the lake legally. The Res. has it's own mandatory license.

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    It seems obvious now, but I made the mistake of washing all of my furs and hair patches together in the same batch. The dyed items leaked dye and it soaked into the lighter colored items. If you have anything dyed, I recommend splitting up your batches like laundry. I will do a light dyed batch, a dark dyed batch, and a undyed batch in the future. If you don't want your white bucktail to turn blue, don't wash it with your blue bucktail, etc.

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    I'm sorry if you are disappointed.

    I don't know if you need to see these words... If you don't, you are more that welcome not to read the article. The first alleged offense appears right in the title, so you are warned in good time. No need to read on. I find the words rather harmless, which of course may be because I'm not a native English speaker.

    I looked around for some evidence that this could be offensive or rude. Can't say that I found any.

    Bling-bling is a slang term popularized in hip hop culture, referring to flashy, ostentatious, or elaborate jewelry and ornamented accessories. Exactly what I meant in the article - ironically of course.

    I realize that a pimp is also what in the dictionary is referred to as a "whoremonger", but that was about as close as I could come to anything even lightly offensive. The term is more often connected with things such as the TV-series "Pimp my Ride" or the concept of "pimping a car", which was the reference that I was thinking of.


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    Great, do I really need to see this kinda slang in my hobby? disappointment......