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    Your questions are not stupid at all. It's my experience - from myself and others - that leaders and tippets are complex and quite intimidating and can be difficult to understand and master.

    1) Sealing the knots in some way makes very good sense. I know the problem with the knots picking up weed. I don't know whether the UV glues would work, but they probably would. Loon has its UV Knot Sense, which I personally use for flies, but judging from its name, it should work well for knots.

    2) I usually tie my leaders with the intent of adding a tippet to the last piece of the leader. I then work my way into the tippet as I change flies, and finally cut off the last bit and tie on a new one. This slowly eats into the leader itself, but it takes quite some time before the leader is "worn down". I can always replace the last bit of the leader before I tie on the new piece of tippet. The tippet ring will enable you to almost endlessly replace the tippet without eating into the leader itself. I have actually bought a handful of rings that I want to use on my leaders for the exact same reason.


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    Awesome film and awesome fish! Great job!

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    Nice pattern by the way.

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    You seem to be having trouble controlling the loose worm material at the front of the hook. If you get a cheap alligator clip--the kind with the crimpable tabs on the wire end--you can add a loop of heavy gauge mono or even grass trimmer line to the tabs and crimp it to place. You can glue it if you like. To use it, just clip it to the bead from the front and put your material through it. Just unclip it when you're done.

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    would superglue in the gel form be a decent substitute for the uv glue, its a little pricey for me.

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    Like you, I started with a cheap fly tying kit in 1967, about $10.00 for materials & Vise, then a Thompson A vise, then a marvelous vise called the Price Vise which I still have with the extension arm & Light, and my present vise, a Renzetti 4000, which is my daily go to. Every once in a while, for nostalga, i will use the Price Vise.Tried a friends Regal once & hated it, bulky, clumsy, no Hutzpah!

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    Thanks for posting, I'll be able to give it a go now that I've seen how its done. Definitely bookmarked for later. Greetings from Australia

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    Thanks for your kind offer! It would make good sense to have images, but I'm honestly kind of tempted to leave the post as it is and let no Regal be shown. If they don't want images, they don't get images...


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    The Gurgler will definitely work for browns and rainbows under the right conditions when the fish are aggressively chasing high in the water - or if you target fish eating frogs, mice or similar large animals.
    Catfish is a different game. Catfish are bottom fish, and a Gurgler is in the surface. It might lure the fish up, but I would guess not. I have to say, though, that my catfish experiences are zero, so I can't be sure.


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    Will it work on rainbow, brown trout? Or catfish perhaps?

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    I have coverage of most of the Regal range if you want me to take some pictures and email them through. Its a shame you were made to bring down the images...

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    If you have Art Flick's "Streamside Guide..." you'll see that the Regal is a copy of his original design. I was quite upset when Regal claimed the design as their own.