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  • Reply to: Chuck Caddis   8 months 4 days ago

    Thanks for the great video. I have been using this fly for some years now but have run
    into a problem. Store bought Dubbing labeled dirty orange is now very orange and does not
    look like the dubbing in your video or what I have used in the past. I have found
    the hits on the fly have significantly reduced. DO you mix your dubbing to create dirty orange
    or have a source that still supplies the same dubbing color. Thanks in advance for your time.



  • Reply to: 10 rules for C&R   8 months 1 week ago


    I certainly respect you view, and I fully agree that setting a hook in a fish must be painful for the fish - although not in any way comparable to our concept of "painful". But you are still right: if you do not want to inflict that kind of pain or discomfort on the fish, don't fish, period.

    And I also agree that damaging the fish will indeed increase the risk of infection for the single fish. Any wound will do that weather it's inflicted by a hook, a landing net, human hands, a predator, contact with a rock during spawning or whatnot. But I cannot understand how this can "spread fish kill" unless you mean something else than most people when you say fish kill.

    The term is usually used for fish dying off in huge numbers, typically due to some environmental problem like pollution or lack of oxygen and is usually not connected with wounds or bacteria (unless of course the pollution is bacteria, which it very rarely is).

    So I fail to see the connection there.

    And it probably won't come as a surprise to you that I don find it OK to "either fish to get the food or just don't fish at all". I fish for food and keep fish for the pot, but once I have what I want, I don't stop fishing. I take the liberty of keeping on and releasing the fish I might catch after having taken what I want. It's my choice, and as long as it's legal and even commonplace, I'll most likely keep on doing it.


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    catch and release is painful, damaging and can spread fish kill via bacteria.
    now, either fish to get the food or just don't fish at all.

  • Reply to: Ancient Pike Flies   8 months 3 weeks ago

    And thanks, Dave Mcfluffchucker! Was enjoyment for me too, so not hard work at all.. :)

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    I tried yesterday the one with peacock eyes, with a little but nice success

  • Reply to: Staring Sunray Shadow   8 months 3 weeks ago


    It's a simple hobby knife. One of those that have a blade you slide out and break off one piece at the time to get a new and fresh tip. You can essentially use anything to place the eyes: tweezers, a needle, a knife like here. Whatever you have and what works for you.


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    What is the tool you are using to apply the eyes?

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    Couldn't agree more! I try to remember one thing and one thing only: happy wife means a happy fisherman. Those honey-do's that are hanging over all of us. I take care of a few of them the week before a trip. I always, always ask my wife if she wants to go. I know she'll say no but I always ask. I also take my son every chance I get.

    I've never left her mad...ever. And, if possible I check in while on the trip.

    Works for me.

  • Reply to: The Mountain Trout   8 months 3 weeks ago

    Nice little film. Great scenery, good editing, a group of friends with a shared passion, all enjoying the experience of one of their own catching a good fish. Very atmospheric, and enjoyable.

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    Very nice, I will try brown/cinnamon color for this concept. Thanks Dmitri!

  • Reply to: Salmon fishing in south Patagonia   8 months 3 weeks ago

    The world record Coho Salmon was caught in New York State, and many hefty Chinooks also. Not as pretty as Patagonia, but airfare and lodging is considerably more reasonable - and the money stays in the States.

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    Fantastic read thanks for all the hard work