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    The copper wire idea is highly experimental, and I have tried using it for the leaders, but it breaks very easily and also adds unwanted stiffness to the leader. I simply took a length or two of thin wire (from an electrical transformer) and laid is along the two legs before untwisting them. Then the copper wire twisted in nicely. But even though it did work, the leaders didn't last for long before the wire oxidized and as said: it was quite stiff too.

    I think using a thin fluorocarbon mono for the leaders would be a better alternative to get something sinking... even though it of course sinks much more slowly than a copper wire.


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    Somewhere at the top of this article is mentioned creating weighted leaders by adding copper wire. Where would one add that in? Is there another article elsewhere where this is described? Thanks in advance!

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    Depending on your fishing, I'd say that a Woolly Bugger is about the best and most universal fly you can tie. We even have the instructions for the perfect one! Check it out here:

    If you want a dry fly that works in many situations, look at the CDC&Elk. It's a great all round fly and easy to tie:


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    Gary LaFonatine spent an entire season fishing nothing but Muddler Minnows; in every size and variation. Apparently he caught about the same number of trout as he would have using the usual variety of flies. A real testimony to the fish catching abilities of this pattern.

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    The butt can be removed or changed to a different style or size on some of the switch rods, but it depends on the brand and model.


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    Great story Korrie! Reminds me a lot of rain non-stop rain I experienced in Alaska during the summer. Your descriptions of the moments of sun are spot on and I couldn't help to laugh at your South African wit. You must be related to Trevor Noah?

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    Hi, I was wondering if you could twist the butt end off a switch rod? thanks


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    Do not book with Arnar Tomas/Icelandic Flytours.
    We booked him to drive us to Arnarvatnsheidi, buy licenses, give us info on the fishing and pick us up.

    Someone else (a friend of his friend) drove us out, we never saw the licenses and he never showed up to pick us up. He left us stranded in "the middle of nowhere"! He never gave an explanation and has ignored all other attempts from us to contact him during the last 5 weeks.

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    In the glossary, denier is listed as a category of fly tying thread. Your text states the following..."It is not an indication of thickness or strength?
    My question is this. Why is denier even considered a category to be considered regarding fly tying thread if it is not an indication of thickness or strength?

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    Thanks for posting this video, very instructive. What size hook do you use for fishing this fly on the Poudre?

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    This debate comes up ever so often. The article about bubble float fishing that I republished recently has a lengthy comment track about the same subject -

    Whenever people talk about Czech nymphing, ceramic nymphs, Perdigon nymphs and even just fishing with a weighted fly, someone will dispute that it's "real" fly fishing.

    I usually stay out of the debate. Where does the boundary go? You have to cast the fly with a line? Well, there's no casting in Tenkara or Czech nymphing.
    How far to you have to cast? Is a roll cast a "real" cast? Or dapping?
    Is a massive, solid saltwater baitfish fly tied with foam and epoxy a fly?
    Is a red hook that looks like a blood worm a fly and are you really fly fishing when you fish that?
    Is it fly fishing when you troll a large NE streamer behind a boat?

    I'm not going to be the judge of all these cases. My personal opinion is that fly fishing is a very wide array of fishing types, and certainly not only when you cast a light fly overhead using a classic fly line.

    But the debate is not going to end there, I'm sure.


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    With all respect for the tenkara enthousiasts, I wonder if you can call it fly fishing. It is done with a fly and it really is fishing, but it is as much fly fishing as fishing with a spinning rod and a buldo with some flies attached to it. Would you call playing golf so, if you are only putting and only play on the greens? In my opinion making a well placed cast to the other side of the river with a fly rod, is unquestionable part of fly fishing as well.