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    Thank you Martin. It takes a lot to make me laugh these days, but you managed it.

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    I refuse to watch any fishing show that smacks of competition. I won't fish with anyone who turns a trip into a competition, it isn't what I fish for. You should try to view a show from New Zealand called 'Big Angry Fish". The presenters and the show try to expand the water(s) you may seek and come across very well. Friendly banter, nothing competitive, even when one of them goes fishless.

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    Sure you can argue like that, but that still doesn't justify the extreme prices on C&F (and they ARE extreme!). This article is written to help avoid both situations: buying too many or buying too expensive. My advice is to buy sensible the first time, completely avoiding any of these situations.


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    I have to agree with pretty much all you have said here, apart from the Robson Green thing, the part I watched showed him as boorish, with no apparent respect for his quarry, just the desire to shovel it down his throat, but to each his own.
    I think the last decent angling programme on mainstream TV had to be A Passion for Angling, not much fly fishing but I can't hold that against Hugh Miles! I'd love to see the reception "Once in a Blue Moon" would get, I thought that was brilliant personally. I have to say, as much as I love to fish, it doesn't (generally) make a good spectator sport!

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    If I think about how many pliers I've bought that are non satisfying the C&F one is the cheapest at all. Wolfgang

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    Are there any fly tyers from Spain on this site?

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    I found this to be one of the best tying tips I have ever seen...

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    We prefer not to see copies of our articles to other places on the web - web sites, Facebook, blogs or other sites. For translation to other languages it's OK, but a 1:1 copy makes no sense.
    You are welcome to link to our articles from Facebook or any other place, and also reproduce them in club newsletters or magazines as long as they are non-commercial. But please don't copy text and images for web use.


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    Hi I am the secretary of a small angling club in Scotland and I would like to have your permission to copy some of your articles on to our FB page to help our juniors and members?
    I would gladly mention where the article has came from
    Thank you

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    I agree with John. Old school. McDonalds used a mix of more than 90% beef tallow for thier friers. Its cery versatile stuff. From cooking to airplane fuel. Flux for soldering to leather conditioning... soaps and it was even used a gun lube in the Civil War. I used it for restoring leather jackets and baseball gloves. Never on a fly line. Im still new to fly fishing. Im probably going to swing by a sports shop and grab a tube of tallow based conditioner. It works on synthetic gloves and is safe for plastics as most gloves has a polymer logo sewn to it.

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    If I have written that, I've had butter fingers or my brain somewhere else. My bad. You want the hook side of things of course! The hooks are the grips and the loops are the soft, more fabric like side that they grip into. I will fix that immediately.


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    "You want the loop side of things." Are you sure?