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  • Reply to: Salmon fishing in south Patagonia   12 months 4 days ago

    The world record Coho Salmon was caught in New York State, and many hefty Chinooks also. Not as pretty as Patagonia, but airfare and lodging is considerably more reasonable - and the money stays in the States.

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    Fantastic read thanks for all the hard work

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    The "Infinity Tippet Knot" demonstration is now available on YouTube. I hope to make it available here at GlobalFlyFisher as soon as possible. The video is now online here:

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    I just caught 7 brown trout here in upstate New York on the Gra Frede, size 8. Thank you Peter, again.

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    The Grey Frede has worked like a dream here in upstate New York on brown trout, although I am tying the fly with a single nickel bead head. Thank you. The Europeans taught us a whole new, more effective way of nymph fishing. Now you're doing the same with this streamer. I have one question: Does Peter fish the Grey Frede with a loop knot?

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    The Infinity Knot is the easiest, fastest, and strongest tippet knot ever. So efficient it will actually help you to catch more trout under real fishing conditions. I have no idea how or why this knot has flown under the radar of virtually every knot article ever written. I should have it on YouTube ("Infinity Knot") soon.

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    I´m wondering why the exhausted fish after the fight needs to rubb her belly on the gravel. Just because of impressive picture? Really stupid reason...

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    good day guys

    i would like to ask if any one here knows how to make the toilet bowl wax ring less sticky and alil more hard.
    i seen the video by davie mcphill how he prepares his wax, he uses the veniar wax its actually alil hard and he brakes off small pieces and places onto his index finger.
    so i would like to know if any one knows the ingredient to make it alil bit more harder


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    I'm glad the solution was so simple and that my advice helped.


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    Thank you so much, my problem was the hard pinching, i wasn't pinching hard enough ,again a small detail that did a great change . Now i enjoy doing them so much.

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    You might have plantar fasciitis. I had it. Cured it in 2011. Walk on a treadmill for 30 seconds; hang off the side on the balls of your feet, and stretch your feet with heels down. Hurts like hell. Repeat. Vary length of walk and stretch. Do for twenty minutes a day, or more if you can. Walk and stretch. Rest. Repeat. After a while it won't hurt any more. Keep walking and stretching. I haven't had it since.

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    Fishing from banks works best on the small, wooded, tree covered brooks in Northeast. Less disturbing to fish and far easier to get into tight places. Great place for a Tenkara Rod also.