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    What a wonderful film about steelhead! Full of love for the nature and wild steelhead! Really great people! I wish, I would meet more people like them at the water.... A fantastic film, a must to see! Thank's a lot!

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    Great looking fly. I'm going to use it for Bull Trout, Pike and Walleye

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    To avoid roll over of synthetics, I tie in a few long strands of deer tail hair at the end of the shank.

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    Discussion "what is not fly fishing" is as old as fly fishing itself :-). I live in Poland now, where this method very popular, but called "Polish nymphing", which is the same in my opinion. Also it's popular in Slovakia where I'm fishing quite often, maybe they call it "Slovak nymphing"? :-) I learned interesting technique from Slovak guide on river Vah, which is combination of Czech/Polish nymphing and wet fly swing. In this method 3 flies are used. Anchor fly is heavier nymph, used for weight, middle fly is very light nymph, and top fly is a wet fly, usually spider pattern. Cast flies slightly upstream, follow it with the rod tip, then in the middle of the run rod is gradually lowered. When the rig is on 45 degrees downstream from the angler, fly line and rod almost dropped to the water. So it ends up like classic downstream swing. I tried that in the riffle full of graylings and trout, and half of fish takes were on wet fly, when rig was 45 degree downstream or in the lower part of the drift.

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    Wow, amazing work!

    Would it be possible to have the measurements of such a wonderful vise? I'd like to have students build one.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Great story!!! Great Film!!! Thanks for showing it us!

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    a drop of super glue is what I use

    also I found yards and yards of silicone cord in assorted diameters at a craft store (closeout)
    works quite well

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    At the lake close to home,Long island, ny. the Morrish mouse is the absolute best at producing.
    Fresh water. large mouth bass, pickerel, bluegill, crappie. That's so far. Haven't
    tried it versus trout yet. but soon! A pattern well-worth the short time to learn spinning hair
    and good thread application. Thanks for the brevity and skillz.

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    Many of the hair extensions and the wig hairs suffer from the same syndrome as many commercial synthetic hairs: they felt. This doesn't go for all colors, kinds and brands, only some. You will have to test them before using them extensively. But that's also the case with what you buy in fly shops.

    Regarding the rest of your advice, you are so right as we have already covered in several articles like these:
    Inexpensive materials
    Wash-n-Dry Dubbing


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    Hair extentions dont work well. When wet they clump together. I havent tried waxing them yet but after the first cast, the large fly looks and turns over very poorly. The action in the water sucks too. I used Haloween neon blue and white i found at a party shop last year.

    I found that tube bodies can be found on head gear in the Halloween isle at Wal-Mart last year for $2. Each head band has i believe four 18" tubes of different colors. The tubs have flash in them and they work great for all patterns that use tube bodies. Don't bother looking for them in Flemming Island. I buy buckets full.

    Eyes are commonly found in craft sections as well. Flat-back gems and bedazzle stickers work well. I use a sharpie to make the pupil black. They are easy to use and i bought a jar full for $10, and its about 500 mixed size and color. Quality sticker gems work great too.

    I found that dryer lint can be used as a fine dubbing if used in a dub loop.

    Coat hanger, shrink wrap and a pen ink tube work well for bobbins if you are crafty. I used all homemade tools for years including a vice i made from scrap metal stock. Nothing is more rewarding than DIY plus Fly fishing

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    Welcome to the site, and I'm glad you found some useful information. Good luck with the pike tubes! Fun to tie, fun to fish.


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    Nice job