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    It's a simple hobby knife. One of those that have a blade you slide out and break off one piece at the time to get a new and fresh tip. You can essentially use anything to place the eyes: tweezers, a needle, a knife like here. Whatever you have and what works for you.


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    What is the tool you are using to apply the eyes?

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    Couldn't agree more! I try to remember one thing and one thing only: happy wife means a happy fisherman. Those honey-do's that are hanging over all of us. I take care of a few of them the week before a trip. I always, always ask my wife if she wants to go. I know she'll say no but I always ask. I also take my son every chance I get.

    I've never left her mad...ever. And, if possible I check in while on the trip.

    Works for me.

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    Nice little film. Great scenery, good editing, a group of friends with a shared passion, all enjoying the experience of one of their own catching a good fish. Very atmospheric, and enjoyable.

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    Very nice, I will try brown/cinnamon color for this concept. Thanks Dmitri!

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    The world record Coho Salmon was caught in New York State, and many hefty Chinooks also. Not as pretty as Patagonia, but airfare and lodging is considerably more reasonable - and the money stays in the States.

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    Fantastic read thanks for all the hard work

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    The "Infinity Tippet Knot" demonstration is now available on YouTube. I hope to make it available here at GlobalFlyFisher as soon as possible. The video is now online here:

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    I just caught 7 brown trout here in upstate New York on the Gra Frede, size 8. Thank you Peter, again.

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    The Grey Frede has worked like a dream here in upstate New York on brown trout, although I am tying the fly with a single nickel bead head. Thank you. The Europeans taught us a whole new, more effective way of nymph fishing. Now you're doing the same with this streamer. I have one question: Does Peter fish the Grey Frede with a loop knot?

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    The Infinity Knot is the easiest, fastest, and strongest tippet knot ever. So efficient it will actually help you to catch more trout under real fishing conditions. I have no idea how or why this knot has flown under the radar of virtually every knot article ever written. I should have it on YouTube ("Infinity Knot") soon.

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    I´m wondering why the exhausted fish after the fight needs to rubb her belly on the gravel. Just because of impressive picture? Really stupid reason...