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Leadercalc currently contains 2703 leaders, so there are enough to choose from.

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Randomly selected: Night Stalker

Category: Miscellaneous Leaders
A leader for fishing wet flies, streamers or nymphs in low light conditions or turbid water.
Use a leader a rod length or shorter, which makes it easier control the fly in the dark and to land fish without visible contact.
If you want the fly to fish deeper, consider extending the tippet section.

4X - 9.0'
Show all variations

36" of 0.0170 (05X)
36" of 0.0130 (01X)
36" of 0.0070 (4X)

Randomly selected: Whitlock's Floating Line Nymph and Midge

Category: Name-Specific Formulas

6X - 10.0'
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24" of 0.0180 (06X)
12" of 0.0160 (04X)
12" of 0.0140 (02X)
6" of 0.0120 (00X)
6" of 0.0100 (1X)
6" of 0.0090 (2X)
6" of 0.0080 (3X)
12" of 0.0070 (4X)
36" of 0.0050 (6X)