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    You figured it out yourself: the line goes through the lower tube and the hook will hang short of the longer top tube and tail.


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    This may be a dumb question but how do you rig the dual tube? You'd have to run the line through the lower tube to take advantage of the more forward hook so I'm guessing that's how you do it. I'm also guessing the wing causes it to swim right-side up. Let me know if my assumptions are correct if you don't mind. I love the idea. The more forward hook placement would really increase hook-ups.

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    i ll miss кольский :)

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    Great video and even greater stream. Nothing beets winter fishing. Enjoyed it.

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    A classic Sunray Shadow has an even longer wing and a hook placed in the absolute front. Some Sunrays are 20-25 centimeters or 4-5 inches long! Still the "short hook, long wing" flies have worked well for ages, and personally I think the fear of "tail nibbling" is vastly exaggerated. Most fish seem to attack with vigor, swallow most of almost any fly and even go for the front of the fly as they charge.

    The Sunray Shadow can be seen here:
    And here's a whole article about short hooks and long wings:

    The fly in the video barely qualifies as a long winged fly in my eyes, but is very much along the lines and proportions of most of the hair winged salmon flies fished here in Scandinavia.


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    The problem with this design is that the hook won’t extentend far enough. It s very likely the fish will attack from the rear and won’t get hooked. Why not just tie a weighted Sunray Shadow using the same material and colors?

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    Nice fly. How does it fish?

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    This tube fly is great. I'm going to tye tube flies.....

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    Awesome looking pattern. I can't wait to try it. How do you fish it in stillwater?

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    I knew that my former colleque from Fokker at Ypenburg, was able to make beautiful things with his machines, but this I have never seen. My very big compliments. And it is worth te price he can get for it. There is no alternative.

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    This way of presenting flys with a spinning rod by dragging them using a float is certainly nothing new. It has been used in Newfoundland Canada for at least 50 years if not longer and is still being used to catch trout!

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    This river can not be lost to greed and ignorance.