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    Hi all,

    a great idea to use such springs - but does anyone knows a vendor for such springs?



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    This is one of those posts that will be around for several years. Really good one.

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    Some wisdom by Karel Liska,

    Karel Liska usually used only three flies, while his friends had a lot of patterns.

    "There are three different days during trout season there.
    The first one, trout takes every reasonable fly, me and my friends catch a fish.
    The second, trout doesn't take every fly, if my friends don´t find the proper one, I´m not in disadvantage.
    The third, trout doesn't take any fly, then all of us catch nothing."

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    Try the "Infinity Knot" - best on-stream tippet to tippet knot ever. Takes less than 30 seconds to tie and is far superior to the Surgeons knot, double Uni, or Blood knot.

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    Bob, 2 notes: 1: Poul Jorgensen took took large Marabou hackles, sprayed them with hair spray, and laid them wet on a piece of thick cardboard, and brushed them out with a stiff toothbrush. Resulted in a great heron like hackles.
    2. The Blue Eared Pheasant has tail fthrs, with unbelievably long fibers. Several inches! I have used them on large dee flies, they do not clump at all, almost exactly like heron in the water. I also like to use large Gadwall fthrs, strripped one side, they are almost like Kori Bustard hackles. Cheers, Joel

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    The Double Davy knot is the best dry fly knot NO contest. Very simple, very fast, very strong, very reliable, very small footprint, little wasted tippet.

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    Any one out there ,to help me reclame my old bamboo rods. Ii would like to reclame for fishing all are very good ,all joints are solide , but do need some work , varnishing would be nescessary, place knew guides and one a new handle , i am looking for a book or a site to help me reclame these rods, i have a beautifull two hand salmon rod like new and one trout that is over 150 yrs old , none carry any names except the salmon , this would be a great winter project thank you for the help

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    Steamboat, I'm really sorry to hear this and have yet to experience that with any of mine (and I have over a dozen of these Stonfo bobbins I use regularly). The main thread I use is UNI and I vary between all three sizes of bobbins. Losing tension never happens, plus I tend to modify it depending on the style of fly I'm tying and required pressure. In regards to fraying, that has rarely happened to me, and in most cases it has, the issue has related to something else. I would suggest contacting either the shop you purchased them from or Stonfo directly because something doesn't sound right. Let me know how it works out (my email is listed through my website, Trout and Feather). Tim

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    Good article and advice. I've found however that an UNI knot with each end of material to join them is as good as the blood knot, is easier to tie and works well when there are significant differences in the diameter of the material.

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    standing with the sore foot in cold water will really help you.I really sad about you after reading your story.It will really disappear once the surgery heals.

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    While in principle I agree that kits aren't usually the way to go, I have found one or two that are worth it, especially of you think of them as "Explore Fly Tying" kits. I dropped maybe $60 for a small tool kit (vise, scissors, bobbin, bodkin, threader, hackle pliers) and a very basic Wapsi materials kit. Are they great? No, I have replaced the vice and bought an additional bobbin. however it was enough tools and materials to get and keep me going until I figured out what I wanted to spend my money on. I wouldn't have gotten into fly tying if I had to start with a $160 Renzetti Traveler vise.

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    Hi John,
    I wrote a blog about this specific topic. You can find it here.