Wednesday August 27th 2003 (12 years ago)
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Soccer Practice

Published: Wednesday August 27th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Wednesday August 27th 2003, 11:52AM
by Bob Petti

The mind wanders

Yesterday was my daughter's first soccer practice. As fun as it is to watch a handful of 6-year-olds running around and kicking the ball in a semi-organized fashion, I found my mind wandering after a little while.

You see, the park they were playing at is right next to the Esopus Creek - albeit the section below the reservoir which really isn't trout water. Looking upstream from the park, it was bouldery and slow moving, with no shoreline development that I could see other than what was right at the park. It had a wild look to it, sort of Adirondack-ish, and every now and then something (smallmouth?!?) would swirl near the surface.

Oh how I wanted to explore the water - even without a rod. Finding a local spot that is hot for smallmouth wouldn't be a bad thing, would it? But I had fatherly duties to attend to. Erin was on the field and Sarah needed to be pushed on the swings.

I took turns watching practice, pushing the swing, and scanning the water. I'll have to check the maps for access points above the park. It just looks too nice to ignore.

New Rods

Published: Wednesday August 27th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Wednesday August 27th 2003, 11:35AM
by Bob Petti

Some upcoming reviews

Soon to be published - a review of the Lamiglas Appalachian series. I was sent a 7'6" 3pc 4wt to build and test - and I must say it is simply terrific. It is absolutely light as a feather and as crisp as any rod I've ever cast. It handles my WF4 line perfectly in small stream situations, with almost automatic loop control (wide - narrow - whatever you want). You can "flick it" to generate line speed and ultra tight loops, or sort of "smooth it" to open things up and paint the fly on the water. A wonderful rod. Review to be online in the next couple weeks.

The other is an Allstar Austin blank I just got. The buzz is that these are powerful and responsive, as good as any high-end blank on the market. We'll see. I'm looking forward to building and test fishing this one, for sure.

There are so many good blanks to choose from these days. The quality and performance bar has been raised so high that most of the true junk is long gone from the market. The differentiators now seem to be swing-weight and action, with rods that feel smooth yet can generate high line speeds getting most of the attention.

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