Waiting for spring

Published Mar 8th 2007

I have a severe case of cabin fever. Too much work. Too slow winter. Too much wind. Too little fishing. I'm really looking forward to fishing on mild spring days.


Why cabin fever has bitten me

This time last year I was closing in on 15-20 fishing trips since New Year. Not that it did me any good. I had to fish 19 times in a row to get my first fish for 2006. This year has been better in that regard. I have only been out a few times, but I've had fish on most trips.

But the conditions have been terrible on most of the trips and particularly the wind has been pretty annoying. The shoreline fishing we do here is very sensible to wind - both direction and strength - and having had strong Western and North-western winds dominating since sometime in the early autumn, the fishing has suffered severely from it.

Alone - There\'s all the space and the time you need
Deserted island - We found this small reef, which was dry due to low water
Deserted island
Self portrait... - ...kind of. Fighting and taking pictures at the same time.
Self portrait...
King Winter - We haven\'t had much snow or frost this winter
King Winter

Dull day - Many early spring days have this dull, grey, low cloud cover
Dull day
I have managed to go fishing one day where the weather was perfect, and sure enough: we had fish moving close to the shore, showing head-and-tail and going for a well presented fly.

But it seems we have to wait just a bit more before the real spring sets in. Meanwhile I have dug out a few photos from both last spring and this winter and early spring. I really don't have the time to do stuff for GFF (as can be seen from the publishing frequency), but a small picture essay like this only took me about 15-20 minutes to stitch together, which I found was a good investment - for my own sanity and for your entertainment.

Divus the Sheltie - My dog goes fishing with me year round
Divus the Sheltie
Fog - A typical cold water/warm air phenomenon: foggy mornings. This day it lasted almost all day

Reel-time - Passing time while drying up after having fallen over in Sweden
The good rest - There is no better nap than the one on the bank - even with a rock as a pillow
The good rest
The last cast - Nils takes just one more cast before we leave.
The last cast
Tools of the trade - My friends Lawrence, Loomis, Lamson and Scierra after a day with very little action.
Tools of the trade

Winter sunset - Even winters have nice sunsets
Winter sunset
Yours truly - With a deep bend in the five-weight
Yours truly

User comments
From: Kai Nolting · kai-nolting·at·web.de  Link
Submitted March 12th 2007

Hi Martin,
nice article and very fine pictures.
You are really a lucky guy to have this atmosphere nearly as often as you'll please.
Two weeks ago I met Paul and Steve in Abenrah and we had a little of that feeling while fishing round the area.
By the way - have you already made up your mind regarding the GFF-summit 2007?

From: vanuz  Link
Submitted March 11th 2007

...nice to hear the fish are hungry again... This week I´ll give it a try at last! However, it is a new place - Faro island nearby Mon, so I dont expect fish, but fresh air at least. ...just cannot wait to wade in...

From: Bas · flydutch.bas·at·versatel.nl  Link
Submitted March 11th 2007

Join the club ! :-)

From: Jan-Ole Willers · olewillers·at·web.de  Link
Submitted March 9th 2007

Martin, I know this status from my own experience. I find myself in similar condition in our living room in front of the TV, playing with a fly reel or sitting in our home-office playing around with my favourite fly rods or a new blank... (currently a two hander). There is just one relief: Go fishing even if conditions might be not perfect, this is what I do even if I have to choose a by far not perfect place due to wind conditions. Rgds, Ole

From: Vilmos Varga · flyfish·at·chello.hu  Link
Submitted March 9th 2007

Really great article! I'm waiting for the spring. Very, very....

From: Chris  Link
Submitted March 9th 2007

I know how you feel! I CAN'T WAIT for the water to open up!!

GFF staff comment
Comment to an image
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted March 10th 2007


Thanks! I was actually quite happy with it myself. I was drying up after having been under and had some time to spend while the others fished on. I fooled around with the "reel on car roof" theme and this was just one of th quite good pictures that came from that.


Comment to an image
From: Gus · jguszr·at·gmail.com  Link
Submitted March 10th 2007

Amazing Picture !!
Congratulations !

Comment to an image
From: katie · katies·at·yahoo.co.uk  Link
Submitted December 10th 2010


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