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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - October 30th 1996
The first autumn storm
The first autumn storm is sweeping the nation. High velocity winds, rising water and falling leaves mark the move from kind indian summer to rough autumn.
Normally this weather will stimulate fishing. While fishing is almost impossible while it's storming, the storm will leave the water stirred, freshly oxygenated and with lots of life and activity. A classical advice has always been: fish just before or after a storm.

Not this year
This year is different. I haven't seen or felt a trout on the last couple of trips and before that the fish have been few and small. I have had some extremely successful trips for cod, but without the hint of a trout.
I'm not the only one that has experienced such bad trout fishing - which is not much of a comfort. I do hear about fish, but most of them are large loners. We completely miss the generally good and constant autumn fishing for schooling trout in the range 1-2 kg (2-4 lb.).
I have discussed with several people what has happened to these fish. The last really good fishing was in May, and since then no one has had constantly good fishing. Theories are numerous as the fishers thinking them up: poisoning, escape into the deep water, too warm, too cold, no oxygen... you name it, we've thought about it.
Only few dare hope for really good fishing this year. There is a small rise in the statistics, but not much. Nothing else to do but fish... and hope.

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