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Published Dec 31st 1969

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User comments
From: Rod Hart · rodney.hart·at·btinternet.com  Link
Submitted March 4th 2012

Around the same time as Jans GP came out someone was asking about a pattern for Conrad Voss Bark Nymph, a pattern by Mick Huffer appears in Fly Fishing and Fly Tying September 2008 issue on pages 58 to 63 inclusive along with two variations one is a simple tail variation the other a floating or surface attractor. Step by step tying instructions with pictures and a good general write up including how to fish the fly. If you do not know Mick Huffer look him up on Google great tyer, very good fisherman and an all round good guy. Cracking fly works a treat in bright sunshine just about everywhere.
All the Best and I hope this gets to the guy who asked about it.

From: Rod - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted January 21st 2012

Beware of any veiled requests or "We can not get this marerial in the US. Some items have dissapeared from the shelves of fly tying materials in both Canada and the US, on Ethical Grounds. P.E.T.A backed. Do not agree via any web means to obtain items requested and offer to send these out by post or any other means. These veiled request are appearing more and more on You Tube and other sites. Don't get your fingers burnt.

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted May 9th 2011


We don't sell anything. We're an online non-commercial fly fishing magazine.


From: Ken · Brooktrout·at·live.com  Link
Submitted May 8th 2011

From: Ken

Do you sell the GP Fly

From: Ken · Brooktrout·at·live.com  Link
Submitted April 21st 2011

I live in the us and cannot find some of the materials to tie the fly. Can you give me the name of a shop(s) where you are located so i can purchase the materials required to build the fly.

Thank you

From: jan Johansen · jany·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted December 20th 2008

Orion Aon, try the B405 hook it might suit you better, or play around with different types that you think are right for you their are know rules thanks Jan

From: Orion Aon · odaon·at·yahoo.com  Link
Submitted December 8th 2008

I don't think that the TMC 2488 is the right equivalent hook. The 2488 is a straight eyed curved hook. I really like this pattern, I'm going to tie some up and try them here in the States.

From: Jan Johansen · jany·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted May 23rd 2008

Hi Terry over in the UK we have shops called hobby craft they sell dozens of A4 sheets of foam in many many colours. Have you got anything like that over there, their must be hobby shops somewhere , if not i will send you some brown foam. thanks Jan

From: Terry Cazy · reneecazy·at·sbcglobal.net  Link
Submitted May 20th 2008

Where can i find this ethafoam in color? I can find the white packing foam, but I can't find this foam that you use in your pattern.

From: Jan Johansen · jany·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted March 13th 2008

Hi claudia
the fly works well just left drifting with the wind, or jerking back slow and stopping. Try different ways. Keep intouch Jan

From: Claudia Eva Maria Zancaner · claudiazancaner·at·hotmail.com  Link
Submitted March 11th 2008

i promise to do just that. i think i am going to save youre flie until its a bit warmer. its not fair to try it out now.


From: jan johansen · jany·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted February 29th 2008

thanks claudia im glad you like it please keep intouch let me know how you get on

From: Claudia Eva Maria Zancaner · claudiazancaner·at·hotmail.com  Link
Submitted February 17th 2008

your great looking flie, from now is tied in denmark :) hope it brings me some nice rainbows as well, as for you.

Thigt line Claudia.

From: Paul · paul·at·hooper5.fsnet.co.uk  Link
Submitted December 14th 2007

Fantastic Fly mate.

From: Ian Waddington · enquiries·at·tcfishing.co.uk  Link
Submitted September 1st 2007

Ted Carter Fishing Tackle Preston will be stocking this fly

From: Eddie Wells · eddie-wells·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted August 30th 2007

Hey Jan, had to find this for myself since you didn't send it to me! Wanna bring one of these wee mammas to 4Oaks for me? Can't wait to see if it works in Scotland as good as you say!

Nice one though mate.

From: martyd · martin.donnelly·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted August 12th 2007

you're having a laugh aren't ya.

Well done mate!

From: jiNx · mgjj1nxed·at·hotmail.co.uk  Link
Submitted August 12th 2007

Well done Dad , didn't know you had it in you !

From: jan johansen · jany·at·blueyonder.co.uk  Link
Submitted August 11th 2007

HI Bruce the wings are as long as the hook shanks, put two wings together convexed same length facing out hold to the hook shank to get length and tie in Thanks Jan

From: Bruce · btomas·at·dioceseaj.org  Link
Submitted August 10th 2007

Jan: How long are the wings? Are they as long as the hook shank?

From: Col B · colsaz·at·btinternet.com  Link
Submitted August 9th 2007

Looks Good Jany

From: jeff · jmb813911·at·aol.com  Link
Submitted August 6th 2007

Great fly - must be a winner !

From: Craig White · cwhite1·at·maine.rr.com  Link
Submitted August 6th 2007

Sweet fly.

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