GFF Summit 2006

Published Oct 30th 2006

The first meeting of GFF readers and contributors


Report from The Global FlyFisher Summit 2006
Branislav into a fish on the big water

It was the Branislav's fault!
It was the Slovak who started it!
It wasn't me!

A good fish - Ripley landing a good west Fyn sea trout
A good fish
Almost a brown trout - Ripley with another really nice, colored fish
Almost a brown trout
Branislav AKA Vanuz was the one who posted a message on the discussion forum asking whether it was an idea to set up a meeting.

It started out as a seemingly harmless post:
fishing trip or meeting
...just been wondering if you (Martin) have ever considered organizing a GFF fishing trip for a small group of the GFF members. Or maybe just a meeting or so...

There, right there you have the clear evidence that I have to blame Branislav: Martin! It says my name, playing the ball directly onto my part of the field and laying the responsibility on my narrow shoulders.

I could have let it pass like I didn't notice or just have replied "not a chance", "too busy" or whatever lame excuse I could muster.

But no, I had to answer:
Sure, it would be a great idea to go fishing together...
...I'll see what plans I can make and keep you all posted through the site.


Sinking in
The replies to Vanuz' original post were positive, and came from Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the UK and a few other places.

I also thought it was a good idea, and seriously started playing with the plans of setting something up.

My next post even named the event, and with that done we were already beyond the point of no return:
I will see what I can do regarding a GFF Clave here in Denmark. As far as I remember a clave has to have people from several countries and preferably some from far away (thousands of miles/kilometres), but we will be willing to let anybody in... even locals. Let's dub it the GFF Summit 2006.

Before three pages of discussion had followed we had decided on a Danish coastal trip on the island of Fyn in September and on trying to keep the budget low.

Good fish! - This is a true autumn prize: a 60 centimeter sea trout ready to continue its spawning run
Good fish!
In the sun - Asger fishing the the harsh light of the September sun
In the sun
Steve - A very nice sea trout in typical autumn colors

Growing list
I had established an online list of people interested, and that list was growing. At first slowly, but suddenly we were closing on on 30 potential participants - a lot more than I had expected I must admit, but I was so much the happier.

We were discussing the options, and people were writing me to get details and offer their help.

Chatting - Friday afternoon beer in the yard of Odense Danhostel
It was Svend's fault!
Svend was one of the Danes who were interested. Off list he contacted me with a message telling me that he had a friend who ran a hostel in Odense, the largest town on Fyn. Svend offered to have his friend look into the options of accommodating 24 anglers a weekend in September.

Other people offered to help, and I was now toying with several different tracks regarding places to sleep which included camping, cabins a summer cottage and the above mentioned hostel.
Svend's friend was the first to return, and with a very attractive offer too. We could have three rooms sleeping eight each for two nights including breakfast two mornings, dinner and wine one evening at the very fair price of 520 DKK per person. That was too good to turn down, and I pursued that track going forward with my plans.

Nice place - The hostel has lots of space and good facilities
Nice place

Down to 16
Once September got closer the cancellations started rolling in. A lot of people had to bail out because of work, family and other reasons. A few never replied when I did the final roll call, and when the list was finally settled we were 16 people give and take a couple. A nice number and a perfect match for two rooms at the hostel, who kindly reduced the number of participants without increasing the price per head.

So we were on, and the list was closed.

A couple of anglers registered late anyway, but we decided to improvise and manage the accommodation in some fashion.

Getting people gathered from all over the country plus a few from abroad always will be a logistical challenge. Organizing rides, setting up meeting times, getting in some fishing on the way and what else can be thought of does mean exchanging a lot of emails, numerous phone calls and just getting things into order in general.

But when the day arrived, most items were covered, and I felt fairly sure that everything would work out fine.

Henning in contact - Henning has a small rainbown on
Henning in contact
Martin into a small rainbow - This was my first GFF Summit fish
Martin into a small rainbow
Going there
We were a few that decided to go early on the Friday and fish our way there. The wind was easterly, which would leave some of our favorite spots in a perfect condition. It was a hard wind, but not worse than we could overcome.

My good friend Henning and I made arrangements to pick up Atli on the way. We would meet up with another good friend, Asger, who had taken the day off for the purpose of fishing since he would have to leave already Saturday night to return to the family.

Branislav would probably join us and I tried to give him directions to a place that we would most likely fish.

We picked up Atli and headed for the coast. Once there we entered the water and fished for a few hours. Both Henning and myself were in luck and each got a nice sea run rainbow within a few casts. Unfortunately that was it, and we did not see or feel more fish that day.

But we heard of fish. Already before noon Ripley would call and tell about the most fantastic fishing that he and Steve had on west Fyn. I got several messages and calls from him, where he was all wound up because of the really fabulous fishing. We were tempted to go there but it would be a long ride, and the chances that the good fishing was going to last were slim. So we decided against it, and just fished on where we were.

Branislav arrived and after having greeted him, we started moving towards the bridge that crosses to Fyn. We fished a bit on the way, but soon we were on the road to Odense Danhostel to join the others.

The hostel is in Odense, the largest town on Fyn, and located withing walking distance of the center of town. It's large and has plenty space, and already on the big parking lot in front of the large yard we were greeted by fellow GFF Summiters. Before long we were having a beer in the yard of the large rebuilt farm, which is the hostel. People started dropping in, and I will take this chance to list the participants:

Asger Sondergaard Olesen (Denmark)
Atli Sigurdsson (Iceland, living in Denmark)
Branislav Ondrejka, Slovakia, living in Denmark
Frank Oksborg (Denmark)
Hans Jacob Schou (Denmark)
Henning Eskol (Denmark)
Henrik Leth (Denmark)
Jari Wiklund (Denmark)
Jesper Kamstrup (Denmark)
Kai Nolting (Germany)
Kasper Mühlbach (Denmark, living in Sweden)
Les Austin (UK)
Martin Joergensen (Denmark)
Nan Austin (UK)
Paul Kalbrener (Germany)
Ripley Davenport (UK, living in Denmark)
Steve Wade (UK, living in Denmark)

Quite an international group as you can see.

The GFF Summit 2006
The meeting of a number of Global FlyFisher afficionados on Fyn in Denmark

From the left: Frank, Jari, Henrik, Jesper, Hans Jacob, Kai, Paul, Steve, Ripley, Branislav, Atli, Kasper, Henning, Nan, Les and Martin

We chatted and looked at pictures of Steve and Ripley's fantastic fishing. Jari, Jesper, Asger, Branislav, Atli, Hans Jacob and Paul decided to go fishing while the rest of us would go grab a bite to eat in town before turning in and sleeping to be fully rested for the perils of the coming day.

Dorm - The rooms were dorm-like with eight beds in each
Steve\'s pictures - Steve is ahowing pictures while Hans Jacob and Paul are looking
Steve's pictures
Tying and lying - Les is tying while the rest of the gang is sharing lies
Tying and lying

A first - Les\' first sea trout in the Danish ocean
A first
Jesper - Jesper caught this really beautiful fish
Kai - Yet another colored autumn fish
Les into a fish - Les had his first sea trout under full control
Les into a fish
On the way - Walking through the forrest towards the water
On the way
Rod parade - Enough gear to satisfy most anglers.
Rod parade
We didn't get up too early, but on the other hand we didn't want to waste the day on non-fishing activities. The train of cars headed west towards the exact spot where Steve and Ripley had caught their fish.
This is a beautiful place and roomy enough to hold all of us - and then some. We had no problems finding space and no problems finding fish. All of us got a fish this day, except for Branislav, I think. Some got more than others and some got bigger than the rest.

There was a lot of cozy time and lazy talking on the beach and during lunch the lineup of fishing rods was a most impressing sight. Everybody seemed to be having a good time, and when lunch had been devoured, most went back to the water while others took a well-deserved nap on the beach. If you found a calm spot, the September sun was really soothing.

I think we all agree on that this was a very good day. Weather was pleasant, the location beautiful, fishing was good and the company exquisite.

After returning we dined in the hostel and had an excellent meal, which was included in our package. This was followed by fly tying, picture watching and chatting in the hostel's TV-room. Most of us tucked in early to be prepared for another day of fishing.

Unfortunately Branislav and Asger had already left to join their families.

A lot of anglers but also plenty space on west Fyn

Beach summit - One of the many gatherings on the beach
Beach summit
Bikers/anglers - A couple of locals had overcome the long distance to the water by riding a bike from the parking lot
Jari - Another really nice fish caught by the casting wizard
Kai - Laying out line in the rough wind
Les - Getting ready to take on the sea and its trout
Megoff reel - A hand made titanium reel. It belongs to Jesper, visible in the background.
Megoff reel
Paul - Paul was ready for the big one
Quick release - Hans Jacob slips out the fly on a small sea trout
Quick release
Releasing - All the fish caught during the summit were released. Most were colored, a sign that they were ready to go spawning like this one.
Ripley - Watch out for that tip!
Show me your\'s... - ...and I\'ll show you mine. Kai gave Les the fly that caught him his first Danish sea trout
Show me your's...
Skilfull guide - Ripley guiding Les towards his first sea trout
Skilfull guide

Honey Shrimp - The rubber legs have a tendency to twist around the hook
Honey Shrimp
It catches - The Honey Shrimp can catch fish
It catches

Honey Shrimp factory - Jesper cranked them out as fast as possible
Honey Shrimp factory
The picture show - Gathered in front of the screen to watch the day\'s harvest of digital pictures
The picture show

Angler\'s transport - Frank next to Henrik\'s two means of transport: a good van and a pontoon boat
Angler's transport
Cap & fly - The GFF cap and one of Kai\'s zander flies. We will return to both.
Cap & fly
Fishing started in a different location this day. We had some trouble getting out of town because of the Odense Marathon, which was run on this day, but after scooting around Odense for a while, we managed to get to the location, where most of the troops were gathered.

Some had taken the opposite direction and fished on the north-east part of Fyn, while the majority went west again.

We had a nice but slower day: slower movements, slower fishing and luckily also a slower wind.

The fishing was not quite as good as Saturday (not to mention Friday... for some), but fun a good time was had.

Fyggi - A classical sea trout fly from Fyn. The name Fyggi stems from the name Fyns Gummivare Industri - or the Fyn Rubberware Industry - because of the rubber legs on the fly.
Gear ready - As always resting on the car roof
Gear ready
German coastal flies - Kai\'s flybox
German coastal flies
Henrik\'s ferry - Henrik had brought a pontoon boat and took a long drift with good success - three fish caught and one large one close
Henrik's ferry
Lunch at Føhns - The lunch outdoors is always the best tasting
Lunch at Føhns
Docked - The ferry has its own very intermistic dock

What we caught
We tried to count the number of fish caught between the 17 of us, but lost count (really!). We had at least a hundred fish to hand during this weekend and a lot more if we counted Ripley's and Steve's fish caught Friday.
That is way beyond what can be expected from a couple of days of Danish coastal fishing - even when there are 17 people fishing.
As the day passed, people started leaving, and late afternoon most were on their way home after an excellent weekend with good friends and great fishing.

Not the last time
The GFF Summit 2006 was a success! In spite of numerous cancellations, we managed to assemble a large International group of anglers and get some real quality fishing. We even caught bunches of fish, and I'm sure everybody would join a repeat event without blinking.

There will be a GFF Summit next year too. Trust me. I think we will aim for something else than sea trout. Pike fishing anyone? Or some nice stream? We'll see.

Cool glasses - Ripley\'s cool sunglasses. And your\'s truly as a reflection.
Cool glasses
Crossing - Access was helped by an intermistic stair over the wildlife fence
Hans Jacob - Fishing under perfect conditions
Hans Jacob
Steve - One of the English anglers on the summit

Dragging - Hans Jacob dragging his stuff
Great weather - We were blessed with a couple of really nice days on the summit
Great weather
Paul - Ready to take on any sea trout!
Relaxing on the beach - Ripley, Kasper and Jari (really resting)
Relaxing on the beach

The GFFSummit gang - From the left: Frank, Jari, Henrik, Jesper, Hans Jacob, Kai, Paul, Steve, Ripley, Branislav, Atli, Kasper, Henning, Nan, Les and Martin. Asger had to leave, but was pasted in in the post processing
The GFFSummit gang

User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted November 23rd 2006


Sorry I didn't get your attention on this one... Next year maybe?


From: jan normandale · jansdumpster·at·  Link
Submitted November 23rd 2006

Martin, a fly fishing party ..... you never wrote, you never called, you didn't send flowers, or a card... ;- )

From: Steve · mail·at·  Link
Submitted November 1st 2006

An excellent article and podcast Martin. Thanks again to all that attended and made it a great weekend and success. I'm looking forward to meeting you all again. I have been out at the coast with a few of you since GFF Summit. New friends have been made. Now the planning starts for next year.


From: Les and Nan Austin · Leslie·at·  Link
Submitted October 31st 2006

Thank you to all you guys, you made it such a special week-end (well, we turned it into a week's holiday).
I am still talking about this event - and showing the pics and now the article - to friends, family,... anyone who will listen, really. We hope to be there next year for pike, seatrout, mullet, you name it.

Les and Nan

From: Ripley Davenport · admin·at·  Link
Submitted October 30th 2006

I am thinking of having "GFF summit" tattooed on my casting arm!
Great article and pictures but most of all - a warm sincere thanks to all that attended.
See you next year. I have an appointment with many of the fish that I released!!!


From: Vanuz - Branislav · vanuz·at·  Link
Submitted October 30th 2006

Nice article, nice people, nice event as a whole... Thanx for organizing it. Count me in for next year.

Comment to an image
From: Anonymous  Link
Submitted December 3rd 2006


the pattern and a complete step-by step tutorial will be available at the 9th of December.

Kasper Mühlbach

Comment to an image
From: Igmar · schefferduinen·at·  Link
Submitted December 3rd 2006

I can not wait to see the step-by-step article of the Honey shrimp. I hope this shrimp pattern does not turn in the water like so many other shrimp patterns do. It looks like it does not. Real Back-swimming shirmps; I have not see them in the danish water, yet :-)
Please include which hooks and material to use. Thanks, Igmar

GFF staff comment
Comment to an image
From: Kasper Mühlbach · kasper·at·  Link
Submitted November 1st 2006


I will make a step-by-step article showing how to tie the Honey Shrimp within the next month.
Stay tuned.

Kasper Mühlbach

GFF staff comment
Comment to an image
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted October 31st 2006


The Honey Shrimp is in the pipeline already. I'm almost sure I have convinced Kasper Mühlbach to write it. I'll get it rolling ASAP.


Comment to an image
From: serge from Canada  Link
Submitted October 31st 2006

it will be nice to see the tying step of the honey shrimp in an article.

Comment to an image
From: Henk Verhaar · henk·at·  Link
Submitted November 14th 2006

Hey Martin,

A little too teletubby?



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