Great rod gizmo!

The Magnetic Rod Guard from Tight Line Enterprises will solve more than the problem of keeping your rod out of harms way while you finish up by your car.

By Martin Joergensen

  Tightline Enterprises' Magnetic Rod Guard
Price: US$ 9.50
Available from Cabelas and other outlets. Tightlines
GFF rating: 5

If your fishing trips are just remotely like mine, you will recognize this scene:
You get out of the car, open the back hatch, and start getting out your stuff.
After having donned your waders you assemble your rod, attach the reel and thread the line through the guides.
Now - before getting the last few things together - you look around for a place to put the rod.
The car roof? Maybe, but the rod does have a tendency to blow off.
On the ground? Step, knack, no!
Against a tree? Can you say tangles?
My solution is usually up against a rear view mirror. As long as no one opens a door and it is not too windy, this is a feasible solution.
Safe holding - Leaning the rod against your car will never be the same with a Magnetic Rod Guard at hand. It even fits as a key ring, and will keep your car keys under control while steadying the rod.
Safe holding
Clunk! - The Magnetic Rod Guard has a very strong magnet, that will hold almost any rod - even in gale force winds.
Unfortunately it always blows, and I always forget something inside and have to open the doors.

All this to describe a problem: where to put your rod or rods while fixing the last few things before going to the water.

All this to lead to a solution: Tight Line Enterprises' Magnetic Rod Guard. One of these things so simple and ingenious that you think "why didn't I think of it?".

Imagine a small horse shoe shaped magnet. Lean your rod against the side of the car, put the magnet over the rod. Clunk! It sits there. Steady, firm, unable to blow over, away from doors and hatches - and steel studded wading boots on clumsy feet.

The Magnetic Rod Guard is more than just a horse shoe magnet. It is encapsulated in plastic, padded over the metal of the magnets and has a small ring for easy attachment as a key ring or strapping onto your jacket or vest.

Put it in your car keys as a key ring, and it solves another problem too: where to put the keys until the ritual of dressing up and preparing is done. I always fear that I will shut myself out by leaving the keys in the back of the car and closing the rear hatch - after meticulously having locked all doors.

In other words: and excellent little gadget for the fly fisher. You might as well buy a couple while you are at it. For your own two rods or for yours and a friends'.

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