Tightlines Magnetic Car Rod Holder

Your fly fishing life really first starts when you get a magnetic rod holder

By Martin Joergensen

  Tightline Enterprises' Fishing Rod Transporting Systems
Price: US$ 120.-
Available directly from Tightline Enterprises
GFF rating: 5

I realized something when I got my magnetic rod holders from Tightline Enterprises: I had had a very troublesome life transporting rods inside cars for all too many years.

Breaking down rods and assembling them again, untangling lines - even getting hooked on a stray fly while handling a rod inside a car. During a period with a larger car, I usually just shoved the rod inside. The car was large enough to take a 9'6" rod - provided I let the rod bend a bit in the front window. That trick cost me a couple of loose top eyes, because the eye would sometimes get stuck in the ventilation slots under the window.

Well, those days are over. Now I clunck the two magnetic rod holders on the car, one on the hood and one on the roof. I snap the rods under the heavy elastic cords and enter the car and drive. No more reels tossing about in the trunk and no more rod tips in the ears while trying to locate a new spot
. I even use the rod holders as temporary stations for my rods while rigging. I stick one on the side of the car, and stick the assembled rods into it while getting dressed or tying on a new leader.
I have also used the rod holders for two hand rods, and that poses no problems at all. And riding at speeds of 80-90 kilometres per hour or some 50-60 miles per hour is nothing that stresses the system.

The Tightline rod holders are heavily built. They are not elegant, but I certainly prefer a brutally efficient design over an elegant one when I am to trust about a couple of thousand dollars worth of rods and reels to its magnets and bungee cords. The rod holder lives well up to this confidence.
They are constructed from a heavy stock flat iron bar, which has been bent and connected to form a horizontal H. The lower arms have been mounted with heavy, round magnets and the upper ones have been padded with thick foam. The foam effectively protects the rods and a thick layer of something that looks like a powder coating on the magnets protects the car from scratches.

Magnets - The Tightline Enterprises rod holder will stick tightly to any metal hood. The bungee-and-ball system, which can be seen clearly here will hold several rods with no efforts. Three rods on each side is no job at all.

Once the rod holders are mounted, you loosen the bungee cords and pull them over the rods and slip the cords into their slots again. A ball at the end of each cord holds it tight and gives you a good grip at the same time. The holders - and the rods - are able to withstand the wind when you drive, and even a heavy pull will not loosen the rod holders. I have not seen them slide the least bit even once. Which leads me to the discussion of magnets vs. vacuum rod holders. I have used both, and my experiences with the vacuum ones are not the best. Many of the vacuum models seem have a tendency to slowly let go and loose suction. I have also experienced vacuum rod holders that slid along and moved almost a foot under the duration of a one-hour drive in rain. The rods and holder were still tightly connected to the car, but nevertheless they had slipped.
A friend had dire difficulties getting the vacuum system to stick on the lightly profiled hood of his car, and wound up going magnetic too.

Clearence - The clearence is good and there is no reason to turn the reels upwards as it is sometimes seen.
Tightlines makes both types, and you can even combine them with one of each. The only reason to choose the vacuum model I can see is if your car has a non-metal hood and/or roof. I would rather trust my rods to magnets. They do not loose their grip under any circumstances.
An other good reason to choose magnets is the price. The fully magnetic set is 120 US$ while the system with two vacuum cups will set you back about twice as much - 235 US$.

And the Tightline model is an excellent choice compared to other brands I have seen. They are sturdy and well built, work really well and the bungee-and-ball system is really unique and works like a charm.

User comments
From: helen sutherland · helensutherland918·at·btinternet.com  Link
Submitted August 13th 2007

my mum is thinking of getting car rod holder for my brothers birthday she wondred how much..

From: Ed Lake · elake·at·dng.co.uk  Link
Submitted July 25th 2007

Just wandering if you can help. I am looking for for a rod holder for the top of my car. I recently saw some magnetic and suction combined holders. I can't remember where I saw them and was wandering if you would know where I can find such things.

From: A Haddock · rlh5751·at·cox.net  Link
Submitted April 22nd 2006

please know that both of our magnetic rod holders (1.5 years old and maintained) just failed us and we lost 2 rods and reels to the ensewing road damage (to say nothing that i'm out $120 for the holders that are now useless). we were not speeding, were not on a bad road and had mounted correctly. a gust of wind created by a passing truck forced the holders off our vehicle. Be warned.

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