Colored Mono Eyes

Published Jul 1st 2010

Five pairs of mono eyes dipped in epoxy for just around 5,50€ or 7$. It sounds like a good business opportunity, but as a consumer it just pushes you to make your eyes your self. On a trip to Fyn this spring two Danes and an American-wanna-be-German made their own.

By ,

Epoxy eyes just add this little, nice detail to your shrimp, mysis and crab flies, but they are also ridiculous expensive and are only available in a few colors. You can vary size and colors and general expression by making them yourself and soon you will have eyes for every imaginable situation.

Basically, you have four ways of coloring your epoxy eyes.

1. When melting the nylon, let the flame get so close so the nylon almost starts burning and gets this dark agar brown color.

Burnt black -
Burnt black
Clear burn -
Clear burn

2. Melt the nylon. Add epoxy. Color the eye with either hobby paint or a pen.

Black eye -
Black eye
Golden eye -
Golden eye
Grey eye -
Grey eye

By this method is is possible to customize the look of your fly. Why not having a discrete pair of gray eyes or maybe golden? Think about how we use different colored cones for tube flies to get a nice balanced look. Now we have the possibility not to have black, dominant eyes sticking out.

Discrete looking -
Discrete looking
Golden eyes epoxified -
Golden eyes epoxified
They got the looks -
They got the looks

3. Color the nylon using a pen in grey, brown, rusty, black or what ever. Melt a nice little eye. Add the epoxy.

The tools - and then some epoxy
The tools
Color the nylon -
Color the nylon
Melt, baby, melt- - Don\'t make it burn!
Melt, baby, melt-
Finito! -

4. Melt the nylon. Mix the epoxy with a drop or two of hobby paint or varnish. Apply to the eyes and let them dry on a fly dryer using painters tape or even better a rubber band to hold the eyes.

All you need is love  - for fly tying
All you need is love
Epoxy and black varnish -
Epoxy and black varnish
Mixing -
Ready for a dip -
Ready for a dip
Dipping the nylon  -
Dipping the nylon
Drying your eyes -
Drying your eyes

No matter what method you prefer, make a bunch of uniform eyes and keep them together wrapping a rubber band around the nylon sockets.

Bunches of eyes -
Bunches of eyes

Make 2-300 hundred and you will enough for the season. I know, it sounds boring and it is! However, it is so nice to have it done and you can concentrate on the more fun part like tying a dozen of Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp or Pattegrisen and get going.

User comments
From: cory · cory·at·  Link
Submitted December 27th 2010

Great job, you can also omit many steps and go to a craft store-they have similar eyes made already and all you have to do is the coating step-I use Hard Head cement and the eyes are saltwater proof as well!

From: Neil Nice · NeilNice·at·  Link
Submitted July 8th 2010

Good article, I have done some in chartreuse and some in red, colour the epoxy, roll the nylon in it, wait until dry then put
a very small dab of black on the very end of the nylon, voila!! you have an eye with a pupil, and they look good especially
on bonefish flies. Neil.

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