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Published Dec 31st 1969

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From: John O'Dea · possumfeeder2002·at·yahoo.com.au  Link
Submitted July 31st 2014

That was good information ..appreciated the time you have gone to explaining those items. Always in trouble for feathers floating around on the floor :)) It is interesting how a simple tip when tying such as applying head cement to your thread prior to a whip finish makes things so much neater and easier than trying to seal the finished head.

From: Harper Lake Fly Tying · Chanley1951·at·bvsd.org  Link
Submitted November 11th 2013

These are great ideas. Even as a commercial tyer I have never thought oft here kinds of ideas. I am a big streamer tyre as well and whenever I can get a chance I tie a few of the streamer and Spey style salmon fly patterns found on this website and on other resources. Please get back to me on any good flies to tie. Also, if you know of a good, cheaper place to get actual jungle cocks please inform me. They don't sell them for the cheap in fly shops in Colorado. I would love to start tying more different fly with artificial jungle cocks because I have easy access to them. Do you know of any patterns to start with. I would love to contact you with more useful hints and inventions I have used as a commercial tyer. I find that running a string on the ceiling to clip your materials to, with strings attached to the materials to pull them down. I am in need of a better fly dryer like your Cabelas one. Do you know of any other good commercial size ones.

From: Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted March 27th 2013

These tips were so helpful! I've only recently gotten into fly tying and these tips helped a ton!!!!! I have found that old cigar boxes with a hot-glued foam sheet in the bottom is a great way to store flies temporarily. Thank you!

From: Justin · kidjaldrich·at·yahoo.com  Link
Submitted September 24th 2012

Thank you so much for your tips. I have been tying mostly buck tail jigs for about 6 years, on and off. Just untill recently I have gotten pretty serious about doing other Flies, the RIGHT way. Heck, I just took the time to find out what all the tools were called, and more importantly, what they are FOR. Never even knew what the Whip Finishing Tool was for. I just wanted to tell you that I love doing this and your tips were and are very helpful. If you'd like, please write back to share more about tying. I'm worse than a beginner when I see how there supposed to look. Thank you again. -Justin. From Volusia County Central Florida.

From: Jim Misiura · jmis588215·at·aol.com  Link
Submitted January 17th 2012

I have an old wine cabinet that I put all my hackle and such in. Close the door and it doesn't look like I'm ready for a yard sale. But then you do have to get lucky and be there when someone put one out for the trash.

From: Serge T. · sergtang·at·hotmail.com  Link
Submitted January 10th 2012

Well done Bob. I believe we all have the same tying environment. I would add one more important thing to your list of tips...a tool organizer. Essential from my point of view.

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