Juvenile Stonefly Nymph

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A fly tying video showing how to tie an Juvenile Stonefly. This nymph pattern is meant to imitate a stonefly that is one year old and about half of its eventual size at maturity. Stoneflies live in the river beneath the rocks for two years before hatching into a flying adult. This easy Stonefly Pattern is tied just like a big Pheasant Tail Nymph on a long curved hook, it can be tied bigger or smaller and with many different colors of pheasant. Fly fishing on the West Slope of the Colorado Rockies is best with a stonefly on the end of your line. If you would like to book an incredible fly fishing vacation, consider fishing near Aspen, CO and see what great trout fishing can be. Go to http://www.riplips.com for information and booking.

Matt Thomas
Martin Joergensen
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