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About Global FlyFisher e-cards

GFF used to have a great electronic postcard function. Now it's back - new and better than ever

GFF used to have a great electronic postcard function, but since our move to our own server, that particular function has been dismantled.
The demand for such a service has been if not large then at least pronounced, and we still have people clicking into the old URL from links on the web or their own bookmarks or favorites.

On GFF we're not the kind of people who will sit out a dance if we're invited to join. So we created this new service based on our extremely popular walpapers, where we already had a large selection of high quality photos.

The photos can be seen on the start page, where you select the picture you want to send, simply by clicking it. After that you basically only need to fill out your own and the reciever's email addresses. You might want to write a message too and enter your name and the name of the lucky person you want to send to - but we won't force you..
After that you review your finished card, maybe adjust a few things and send the thing off. That't it! As easy as!

  • You can start by selecting a picture for your card here
  • You can also select from our most popular cards
  • If you are here to pick up a card, please enter your code in this form
  • You can also browse our pictures through the wallpaper section
  • If you just came because of your filatelic interests, you might want to read the article Philatelic Phlies