Flies with bead heads

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Pale Morning S O S

Hook: Scud #16 - #22
Bead: 2.3 mm Gold
Thread: Cream
Rib: Extra Fine Gold Wire
Tail: Cream Hackle
Abdomen: Cream Thread
Wingcase: Pale Yellow Floss
Legs: Pearl Krystal Flash
Thorax: Pale Morning Krystal Dub

Acid Wash Olive
The follow up video to the PMD nymph using acetate floss for the body of the fly. Really simple nymph pattern, just how I like them. Enjoy.
Higa's S O S

Hook: Scud #12 - #18
Bead: 2.3mm Silver
Thread: Black
Tail: Black/Dark Pheasant Tail
Rib: Silver Wire
Abdomen: Black Thread
Wingcase: Red Floss
Thorax: Black Krystal Dub
Legs: Black Krystal Flash

Egg Sucking Leech
My take on a classic streamer pattern. A must have fly for just about any kind of streamer fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon. I make this fly in black, olive, brown and rusty brown colors. This one is tied with Woolly Sparkle Dub in the color Black Widow. The head is a tungsten bead.
Higa's S.O.S.
Detailed instructions for tying Higa's S.O.S.
Shock Tactic
FlyStream #6 River Nymph. How to tie the Shock Tactic as featured in FlyStream Issue 6.