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Flies with bead heads

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Martin's Mundane Zonker Worm

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Beadhead Prince Nymph

Join Nate from Stone River Outfitters as he shares how to tie one of fly fishing's most popular and most productive subsurface patterns for trout, the Beadhead Prince Nymph!

Stone River Outfitters, LLC
132 Bedford Center Road, Unit C
Bedford, New Hampshire 03110-5457
Phone: (603) 472-3191

Marco Feliciani ties the "A.P.T." Alberto Pheasant Tail
Rubber Leg Copper John (Revision)
Hammer Creek Fly Fishing ties a Rubber Leg Copper John
Mercury Black Beauty

This video gives step by step instructions on tying the Mercury Black Beauty which was developed by Pat Dorsey. This is a great little midge pattern, next time you are on the water give this bug a try.

Hook: Daiichi 1310 #18-24
Bead: Tyers Bead Quick Silver Glass Small
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Rib: Ultra Wire Copper Small
Thorax: Super Fine Dubbing Black

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Tungsten Flash Bang Midge

Devan Ence tying one of his signature fly patterns from Solitude Fly Company. If you are looking for a killer midge dropper look no further. This pattern can be tied in any color to match the situation and it doesn't hurt that the fish love to eat this bug. The original pattern had a glass bead on it but out of demand from some of the Henry's Fork Anglers guide staff there is now a tungsten version.

Materials List:
Hook: Daiichi 1130 #16 (#16-20 are the prime sizes)
Bead: 3/32 Black Nickel Tungsten
Thread: UTC 70 Black

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