pumpkinseed, blugills, sunfish and such

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Black and Gold Bluegill Nymph

Hook: Scud #6 - #16
Bead: 3mm Gold
Thread: Black
Rib: Gold Wire
Tail: Black Rabbit Fur
Abdomen: Black Thread
Wingcase: Gold Floss
Legs: Black and Gold Rubber Legs
Thorax: Baitfish Ice Wing

Brite Bluegill Nymph

Hook: Scud #8 #12
Bead: 3mm Black
Thread: Chartreuse
Rib: Fine Black Wire
Tail: Chartreuse Rabbit
Abdomen: Chartreuse Thread
Wingcase: Black Floss
Legs: Chartreuse and Black Rubber Legs
Thorax: Chartreuse GSS

Bluegill Alley
Fly fishing top water in the Texas Hill Country. Picked up a new GoPro today so me and my buddy hit the river this afternoon to try it out. Got some good shots fishing spider patterns for panfish. TYG
Gartside Crappie Killer

Hook: General Purpose #1 - #8
Thread: Chartreuse
Tail: Chartreuse Ostrich Herl
Body: Pearl Diamond Braid
Wing: Chartreuse GSS
Collar: Chartreuse Hackle
Eyes: Deer Creek Rainbow
Resin: Deer Creek Diamond Hard

Farm Pond GIlls
Fly Fishing for pesky late season valley Bluegill.
CO Bass & Bluegill
Fly Fishing for Bass & Bluegill in Colorado