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Spey Rods
Fishing with both hands on the rod

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BC in B/W

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River Mandal

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The Mörrum Circus

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Shooting heads

Videos with "Spey Rods - Fishing with both hands on the rod" - More videos about about this subject
Speycasting in Slow Motion

This short promotional film features speycasting in Slow Motion with Eoin Fairgrieve. http://www.ultraspey.co.uk

Salmon Fishing on the Dee
A brief look at some of the Salmon Fishing locations along the majestic Royal River Dee in Highland Scotland.
Swinging with the Scott T3H

A commercial for Scott rods, but nicely filmed and a good little video.
The all new T3h two handed and switch rods by Scott Fly Rod Company were put to the test in upper and lower michigan. Brad Petzke, Kevin Feenstra, and Jon Ray all on the Scott Rod Pro Staff put these rods through the riggers of fall and winter steelhead fishing. They found out how easy it was to form tight flat loops and reach far off lies. Whether you like to skate or dredge there is a T3h optimized for your two handed fishing. They say they finally found a rod with a soul.

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Arctic Silver Free Flex
A video about "the most advanced and versatile tool", an "epic and innovative" fly rod (actually "the world's most innovative"). Well, we have heard such praise before, and for now I can only say: man, that handle is ugly! But the video is really nice.
Norwegian ambiance
A neatly filmed video from Norwegian salmon river Orkla.