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We often recieve mails asking permission to use material from this web site. We are genuinely thrilled that visitors like you think so highly of our material that you wish to use it elsewhere. Since, however, many contributions come from a network of outside writers, we are obligated to keep a watchful eye on the material found on this site.

This site is covered by copyright whether the page is marked © (copyright) or not. Contrary to popular belief, publishing material and images on the web does not make it public domain; it's just another form of publishing. It just so happens to be easier for folks with a computer to use the images and text now!

Guidelines for using material from the Global FlyFisher:

Do you...

  • Want to print out material from this site for your own use? That's OK, go ahead and print away!
  • Want to use graphics, text and other intellectual property from this site on a web page? That's not OK. We want things to be unique on the net and want to avoid redundance!. You can't just insert the URL pointing to our graphics either. These graphics and pictures are protected by a general copyright - in other words: they are ours!
  • Want to use material from this site for inclusion in your non-profit organization printed newsletter? That's generally OK, but we ask that you gain permission from the author first. Contact us to ask permission.
  • Want to include material from this site in teaching material for your non-profit class or workshop? Again: That's almost always OK, but again we kindly ask that you gain permission.
  • Want to commerically tie patterns originally published on this site? Absolutely not OK. This site if for the personal flyfisher, not an idea-bed for the commercial money-hound. Read our site philosophy..
What you can do without asking:
  • You are very welcome to print or copy anything from this site
    for your own personal use. Examples: print a story for bed time reading, copy a pattern to store for later tying, use a picture as a desktop wallpaper.
  • You are very welcome to tie and use any fly patterns from the site
    for your own personal use. Examples: fill your boxes with flies from this site, modify them, fish them, frame them... whatever. If someone asks you where you got that pattern, be sure to tell them The Global FlyFisher!
  • You are very welcome use any tip, recipe, knot, idea that you got from the site for your own personal use. Example: make loop connections, furled leaders, wading staffs and so on. Be sure to credit the originater when asked; we have a large staff of writers that donate original material to our site. Please respect their copyright wishes as well.
What you definitely can't do without asking:
  • Please don't use the content of this site for commercial use. This means you may not re-produce text, pictures, drawings, ideas or any other intellectual property to make money for yourself or your company or even your non-profit organization. In particular you cannot simply copy images and illustrations to use in your own articles! No hot linking either.
  • Please don't republish material from this site in other printed or electronic publications - commercial or not - without asking for prior written consent. Contact us to ask permission.
  • Please don't tie original patterns found here in a commercial nature. We have many original patterns contributed by our staff writers that are personal favorites. Respect their copyrights.
  • Please don't comercially produce and sell products originated on this site.
  • You can't translate and republish content from this site. You can ask, and we usually grant permission to non-commercial operations (web sites, club newsletters, teaching material), but not for books, magazines or commecial web sites. Ask kindly, and we'll look into it.
If you want to use material in a way not mentioned, please feel free to contact us and ask permission. We're kind hearted persons, and will often grant that permission. Since we are a network of many contributors, we are obligated to watchdog the material found on this site.

User comments
From: Alissa · alissalamb·at·  Link
Submitted May 18th 2013

Nice web page you've here.

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted March 1st 2010


To be clear: No, no reproduction of photos on websites, in brochures or other printed material.

We make one general exception, and that is reprint of articles in club newsletters and we sometimes grant permission to translate articles into other languages.

But we generally do not want to see our material other places than here.


From: dundee · dundee·at·  Link
Submitted March 1st 2010

To be clear...there is no permission granted for use of a photo(s) in websites, brochures or other printed material?

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted June 22nd 2009


Of course you can link to our pages - we actually encourage you to do so. What we don't want is people integrating our graphics on their own pages, served from our server with no permission or credits.


From: chris lambiase · clambiase1·at·  Link
Submitted April 2nd 2009

Help, I couldn't find your email link... I need a supply of 30-100 chrome tip tops for a project I'm working on and can't seem to locate a manufacturer. Can you provide me with that information? Thanks Chris

From: Bob · rvpregister·at·  Link
Submitted June 2nd 2006

"You can't just insert the URL pointing to our graphics either."

How about providing a link to your home page on the links page of my personal non-commercial site. I would think you would want the eyeballs but never know.