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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 1996
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Go to The Magnus
The Magnus
Magnus is a 'classic' on the Danish coast. This small anonymous fly and its very similar brothers the Frede, Sandshrimp and many others, are probably the most catching flies on the coasts of Denmark. The eyes and the palmer hackle are the prime characteristics of the Magnus, which is mostly used in clear water.
Go to Tyer gallery
Tyer gallery
The International Fly Tyers Symposium in New Jersey 1996 featured a lot of well known tyers. Here just a few of the impressive list.
Go to International Fly Tying Symposium 1996
International Fly Tying Symposium 1996
This story was mailed late november 1996 to both the U.S. and European flyfishing mailing lists.
Go to Absolute hilarity
Absolute hilarity
Combine the practicality of Sheridan Anderson, The witty prose of John Gierach and the comedic illustration of Gene Trump and you have the only Alan Pratt book ever published. Click here to read why this book surpasses simple flyfishing comedy into absolute hilarity. A genuine 6 on the GFF scale!
Go to Cleaning fly tying material
Cleaning fly tying material
Cleaning tying material Why bother to clean your materials? Bugs, dirt and chemicals are likely on the material By Wayne Luallen
Go to Monster Muddlers
Monster Muddlers
A large muddler pattern for big fish. This one has caught both pike and baby tarpon.
Float Tube Regatta 1996
The Float Tube Regatta 96 was a meeting between Danish float tubers arranged by my fly tying and fishing guild The Bananaflies.
Go to My float tube is a Sputnik
My float tube is a Sputnik
Floating poetry
Go to The nature of feather construction - Intro
The nature of feather construction - Intro

Go to The anatomy of a feather
The anatomy of a feather
On order to be able to talk about our favourite passtime - fly tying - it's important that we use the same language. I hope to be able to clear the fog a bit in this area. By Wayne Luallen
Go to The nature of feather construction
The nature of feather construction

Go to Hooks break
Hooks break
Hooks do break occasionally. It's a typical error when night fishing: you trust that everything is OK at the business end and just cast away
Go to IPS 96
IPS 96
As a reaction on the Illustrated Pattern Swap 1996 participant Joe Cronley posted this message to the FF@ fly fishing mailing list: I must confess: When this swap was first proposed, I thought it was a bit odd and too complicated to work. My procrastination in submitting my materials was in part a reaction to that feeling.
Go to Fly tyers gallery
Fly tyers gallery
These are all tyers. Some of them were caught at the Danish Fly Festival and some at Fly Fair - Europe's largest outdoors fly show wich takes place every second year in Zwolle in Holland. Here are some pictures from the '96 event. If you want to see more international tyers have a look at the pictures from The International Fly Tyers Symposium 1996.
Go to The Jassid
The Jassid
The headline contains some truth in the sense: When trout/graylings eat tiny surface-food, they only nead to open their mouth to a narrow slot and sip the fly in. If one presents them with a fly with a broad hackle - then they can't suck it in through their narrow mouth.
Go to Grey Duster
Grey Duster
Later my friend and I ran into problems on our favorite stream, when the tiny CaŽnis dayflies hatched. The trout sipped the fresh emerged flies all over the water - but they rejected all the flies we offered. Then we found a note in a magazine saying, that the fly with the peculiar name - the 'Grey Duster' - should be the right medicine, if it was tied with a parachute hackle. By Preben Torp Jacobsen
Go to Two flies in one
Two flies in one
The small dipterae - Simulium sp. - has always been a problem - they are tiny and shows up in fantastic numbers. Why should a trout prefer our imitations when there are som many all over the water? By Preben Torp Jacobsen
Go to Fly Fair 1996
Fly Fair 1996
The following report was sent to the flyfishing mailing lists - FlyFish@ and Euro-Flyfish@ - after my return from a most enjoyable Fly Fair in Holland May 1996.
Go to A day of fun and fly tying
A day of fun and fly tying
Once again I've had the distinct pleasure of being together with fly tyers of the absolute elite. Henrik Strandgaard - a reputed Danish salmon fly tyer - had again set up a fine arrangement featuring two US tyers: Steven Fernandez and Marvin Nolte. Both ought to be well known, but let me introduce them to you anyway:
Go to Making a wading staff
Making a wading staff
Finished stickHere's the recipe for making a 'Totally Cool' Wading Stick - Danish Kind.
Go to Juro Mukai's shooting head setup
Juro Mukai's shooting head setup
Juro Mukai is a old aquaintant from the Flyfish@ mailing list. I had the pleasure of fishing with him in the Seattle area, and was intrigued by the 'modular' line setup that he uses on his two hand spey rod for steelhead.
Go to Feather Definitions
Feather Definitions
Definitions - The nature of feather construction.
Twined or furled leaders
Great leaders made by the ancient method of ropemaking.
Go to Float Tube Magic - A Fly Fishing Escape
Float Tube Magic - A Fly Fishing Escape
. This time it's float tubing. It's a basic book, that treats the subject from the bottom: considerations before buying, selecting a tube and other equipment, getting 'on board', strategies and much more. On top of that comes a more general section on trout food and flies.
Go to Squirrel zonker
Squirrel zonker
I used to hate zonkers; those pre cut rabbit strips were like hell to tie with: too thick skin, too long hair, too wide strips. I stopped tying them until someone told me how to cut my own strips.
Go to Glitter Shrimp
Glitter Shrimp
A killer fly in the right hands on a cold winter day. A very simple shrimp pattern for Danish sea trout and many other targets.
Go to The Mymph
The Mymph
This has been my most successfull trout fly in the autumn of 1995. I've caught most of my trout from a float tube, and I believe that one of the keys to the success of this fly is the fact that it's weighted. This and the fact that it's actually very nymph like tells me that it would probably act fine as a stonefly nymph imitation, and this has given the fly it's name 'My nymph' or 'Mymph' for short.
Go to The Essence of Flycasting
The Essence of Flycasting
This book is very stylish, kind of mellow in the visual tone and held in beautiful B/W. People who have met Krieger (or seen his videos) will know that he is not excactly B/W. On the opposite: he's a colorfull, enthusiastic, noisy, acting-all-kinds-of-roles type of instructor.
Go to Mysid
Wanna tie a mysis? This might be the pattern... Small, easy to tie. It can even stand in for a small dragonfly nymph.
Go to Micropatterns
With this book you get your moneys worth in weight. The book is a large format book with more than 300 pages. The size alone can make this book a bit scary, and innocent flytyers who leaf through it, will probably be intimidated by the huge volume of information.
Go to C&R of salmon
C&R of salmon
This is some advice that Backwater Bob posted on the FLYFISH@ ListServer. It's good and sound advice for salmon fishers as well as anybody else that wants to C&R fish.
Go to CDC&Elk
Hans Weilenmann's classical contemporary sedge fly.
Go to Bas Verschoor
Bas Verschoor
It's a great honor to have Bas a s a writer here. For as it will be obvious from his biography below, he is a very respected and active fly tyer on the international scene. Bas ties flies professionally, although he most certainly cannot make a living from it.

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