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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Go to What I (don't) want
What I (don't) want
In this article Martin looks at some specific production methods, which are often used by fly fishing video producers. It seems that certain little tricks or styles have become fashionable, and can be found in lots of videos - on longer DVD's as well as in shorter online videos.m
Go to Feeding Time
Feeding Time
"...featuring some of the most creative and innovative flyfishing footage ever assembled. Nothing like this has ever been attempted in the flyfishing industry". Personally I'd be very careful writing something like that, especially in an era where one stunning DVD after the other hits the shelves.
Go to Green Tide
Green Tide
If you thought NZ was only trout in streams, you'd better think again! This trailblazing DVD shows some fantastic saltwater fishing around the famed islands. Snapper, kahawai, kingfish and many more weird and wonderful species.
Go to Muskie on the Fly
Muskie on the Fly
Muskie on the fly? You got to be kidding me, right? Nope. Robert Tomes has written the definitive text on the subject. It's all here, from teaching you how to deal with the inevitable heart stopping follows, to offering some advice on where to go and who to go with.
Go to Action Emerging Caddis
Action Emerging Caddis
This fly is similar in outline to many existing caddis patterns, but has features unlike any caddis emerger pattern the originator has seen. It's based not so much on looking exactly like the real thing, but trying to get a fly to act like it.
Go to Unsinkable flies
Unsinkable flies
David Cowardin's concept for preventing flies from sinking is slightly different - as are his flies. They are different creatures! Most anglers can put a name on them, but the way they are tied... or more like built. Different is not quite enough to say that these are not like your average dry fly.
Go to Zoo Cougar
Zoo Cougar
Kelly Galloup's Zoo Cougar is a pattern with some years on its back, but Martin recently discovered and started tying this staple big trout streamer. Large fly, goudy colors, deer hair! Just his kind of fly.
Go to The Old Line
The Old Line
That Maryland bank clad in stone offered no line of credit. The business, best described, was an angle of line to rock beside which a redbreast sunfish held suspended in shaded water.
Go to Hare's Ear Bug
Hare's Ear Bug
Fished actively over sea weed and its likely to be mistaken for a gammarus. Same thing in a lake. Dead drifted or fished using a lift in a stream, it looks like a tumbling scud or cress bug or even a hatching caddis. What the fish think, I don't know, but it's a fact that they find it edible.
Go to Shooting lines
Shooting lines
Shooting lines are used with shooting heads and the setup is very popular with many saltwater and salmon anglers as well as steelheaders. This article tries to cover the different types of shooting or running lines available on the market and talk about their good and bad sides.
Go to Salmon and Lobster
Salmon and Lobster
The aim on this trip was to explore and flyfish several rivers in the Moosehead Lake area of northwest Maine, about 50 miles from Quebec. Moosehead Lake is 40 miles long and 20 miles across at its widest. Area rivers, several of which flow into or out of the lake, hold landlocked salmon, large brook trout, and mammoth smallmouth bass.
Go to Phloating Eyez
Phloating Eyez
Eyes as large as tea cups on your flies? And still lightweight and not smashed down by loads of goo on the head? Yes, it's possible! Follow Pete Gray's instructions and your squids and baitfish will be gazing with larger eyes than ever before!
Go to The Welded Phly
The Welded Phly
Remember the line from "The Graduate"?
The hook was dressed with thread and body braid... fine makings for a proper foundation were in place... Temperamental pheatherz were spot welded in place without complaint nor defiance...
Go to Coloring Raw Tubes
Coloring Raw Tubes
"See what you can do with these" said Stuart Anderson, who owns the Canadian Tube Fly Company to Bob Kenly who often goes berserk with tubes and epoxy. And that's exactly what Bob did. He started painting the raw tubes.
Go to Great Lakes Irish Invaders
Great Lakes Irish Invaders
Bob Kenly takes a turn with some tubes from the Canadian Tube Fly Company and converts a traditional Irish fly into something... let's just say not as traditional. So Chris's Irish Shrimp turned into Great Lakes Orange, a steelhead pattern tied on a tube.
Go to Fly Line Blues
Fly Line Blues
Once in a while Martin needs a different line than the one, which he has been using for a while, and he has to dive into his line stash. That makes him think about the crazy prices on fly lines and ways to buy lines cheaper and organize them better.
Go to Fishing the Danish coast
Fishing the Danish coast
Richard Maree, a friend of GFF and an returning participant in the GFF Summits challenged a demanding calendar and decided to squeeze in a couple of days of fishing in Denmark this autumn. He wrote an email and send us these photos to inspire others to go.
Go to The Dream Stream
The Dream Stream
Seven summers in the North Swedish wilderness is what Thomas Ohman has spent to get hours of recordings. Enough to tell his story.
He climbed lots of obstacles to get the casts, fights and atmosphere framed in 16:9 format, but was it worth the effort?
Go to Europe's New Zealand
Europe's New Zealand
For more than fifteen years a gang of swedes have been fishing in Slovenia for grayling, mottled trout and rainbows. Dry flies, nymphs are cast into rakija-clear streams surrounded by bright green trees, light gray rocks and snow tipped mountains.
Go to GFF Books
GFF Books
It has been awfully quiet on GFF lately, but we're working behind the scenes on some great material for the autumn. During the summer Martin has been busy making books, and you can now buy two volumes chuck full of his beautiful images and support GFF at the same time.
Go to Metalhead
As always from the Trout Bums we get taken on a chaotic and breathtaking fishing journey, this time to Canada to hunt for steelhead. After having seen the DVD it's pretty hard to say whether it's the fish or the anglers, who are nicknamed metalheads...
Go to Fly Reel Blues
Fly Reel Blues
The article is in essence about fly reels, but diverges into bikes and even cars, GFF partner Martin Joergensen wonders why fly reels have to be so expensive. When manufacturers can make cheap and long lasting bike hubs, why can't fly reels be the same?
Go to Chinos!
Colombian Carlos Heinsohn ties a neat baitfish pattern made of synthetic fibers. It's a tough fly with nice movement designed for any predator which feeds on smaller fish. The pattern is more a tying principle than a specific pattern.
Go to Double K Reverse Spider
Double K Reverse Spider
Kelvin Kleinman shows us how to tie a really different saltwater fly based on the freshwater spider style, adapted for cutthroat stream fishing and then reversed to become a saltwater shrimp from outer space! A very special but also efficient pattern.
Go to Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp
Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp
A realistic, perfect swimming shrimp imitation for both hot and cold water and a big variety of species. The fly has many neat details and is a great upgrade from those quickly tied flies. It makes your fly box look great and keeps you away from the TV.
Go to Chasing Gold
Chasing Gold
South America's Golden Dorado is famous for its beauty and its willingness to chase a fly. German Heiko Schneider has moved to Argentina and has now adapted the Dorado as his preferred quarry. Togther with his wife Carolina he chases the Dorado in the lakes.
Go to Colored Mono Eyes
Colored Mono Eyes
Five pairs of mono eyes dipped in epoxy for just around 5,50€ or 7$. It sounds like a good business opportunity, but as a consumer it just pushes you to make your eyes your self. On a trip to Fyn this spring two Danes and an American-wanna-be-German made their own.
Go to Ninja Toe Biter
Ninja Toe Biter
Since we all know that "Stripahs" never eat crabs... ['get stuck on the way down!?]... Well, maybe sometimes... Follow Pete Grays easy crab tie using mesh, rubber legs, glue and sand.
Go to Brown Spinner
Brown Spinner
An old, no-fashion dry fly. The one, that GFF partner Kasper tied right after having learned to tie the Red Tag Palmer and the one, that gave him many of his first dry fly experiences some twenty years ago, when it all started for him together with his grandfather.
Go to My First Fly Hatch
My First Fly Hatch
This was my first serious flyfishing trip on my own. I'd done a fair amount of spin-fishing in my younger days, and had tried flyfishing a few times with a buddy or guide over the years. But now, approaching age 50, I decided to get serious about flyfishing.
Go to Bass: The Movie
Bass: The Movie
With trailers available nearly a year before the film was available for purchase, BASS: THE MOVIE was indeed one of the most hyped fishing films in recent times. Jamie Howard of made this movie in recognition of anglers' love for the largemouth bass. Given the success of Howard's previous films, anticipation was running high and many advance purchases of the DVD were made.
Go to Dubbing Techniques
Dubbing Techniques
Without a doubt, dubbing tools and techniques are one of the things most likely to confuse fly tyers. With an explosion of new tools, comes an obvious question, how do you use all this stuff and why should I buy yet one more tool?
Go to Mike Hogue
Mike Hogue
Fly angler and owner of, an On-Line Fly Tying Magazine and Fly Tying Catalog, and now also GFF contributor.
Go to 1st spring trip
1st spring trip
Just a few days ago we ventured on our first spring trip. Yes, this is mid-March, and we usually fish much earlier than that, but cold winter weather and ice covered water has kept us from the coast until now. I spotted this particular day in the weather forecast a week in advance. It begged for a fishing trip!
Go to GFFpix - share your best flyfishing pictures
GFFpix - share your best flyfishing pictures
User's pictures
Go to Thousand Cast Journey
Thousand Cast Journey
A fun and different angle on fishing for steelhead by angler Jeff Layton - very different from most other fishing DVD's - and before Martin got to like it he had to get to terms with its somewhat odd concept.
Go to Pictures of nature
Pictures of nature
Don't forget that fishing is many other things than anglers, fish and casting. The animals we see, the landscapes, the flowers and all the little details that help make a day by the water a great day - even without catching fish!
Go to Das Cephalopod
Das Cephalopod
Spring is near and the Cephalopod parade is about to begin. Blue Fish will soon arrive to partake in the high protein seafood buffet and there is also a gathering of Stripers to make it all worthwhile and goal oriented...
Go to Squid Vicious
Squid Vicious
Each fall and winter Puget Sound hosts millions of Squid as they move into inland waters to spawn. Puget Sound local Kelvin Kleinman has created the Squid Vicious to imitate these protein rich morsels.
Go to Bonefish
Charles Rangeley-Wilson is an apparently mild-mannered Englishman who spends most of his time in the London area. But he is addicted to bonefishing, so much so that he shows signs of withdrawal when unable to cast a fly on a Caribbean flat for some time. This resulted in a DVD.
Go to Shoot the weather
Shoot the weather
How do you frame wind? How is snow captured best? How do you protect your camera when you try to freeze a shower into a single image? No, it's not at all easy to get the impression of weather into that piece of mechanics and electronics we call a camera.
Go to Red Gold
Red Gold
A combination between a classical documentary and a fishing DVD dealing with a pebble mine project in Bristol Bay in Alaska and its potentally devastating influence on the environment and the fish - sockeye salmon - in particular.
Go to Sinister Phly
Sinister Phly
Another variation on large saltwater flies from the hands of Pete Gray. Mainly for striped bass, but useful for other specied too. This is the sinister version for fishing in darkness - or for dead drifting at O'dark thirty as Pete puts it.
Go to Capt. Paul Rose
Capt. Paul Rose
North Carolina guide Paul Rose
Go to Carp on the Fly
Carp on the Fly
"Carolina blue skies, light and variable wind forecast with temperatures in the 90s were working to my advantage this July morning." Read Capt. Paul Rose's advice on carp fishing. Tactics, gear and flies. "Pound for pound their fighting ability surpasses all other freshwater fish."
Go to Jocelin LeBlanc
Jocelin LeBlanc
Jocelin LeBlanc is a well known figure in Eastern Canada & Quebec Fly fishing communities. A full time river guide on Québec North Shore Region, an accomplished fly tier & fly fishing instructor.
Go to Aux Outardes River Pike
Aux Outardes River Pike
Pike fishing is not only possible in lakes. Some rivers offer great pike fishing, and there is no end to the number of great new fishing spots in Quebec's Aux Outardes River. The cold clear water offers fantastic trophy pike fishing.
Go to Phar Side Phly
Phar Side Phly
They all start out as PhuzzieNotions [R&D ideas rattling around in Pete Gray's noggin and looking for a place to happen]... and then materialize into PharSidePhlyz. Saltwater flies can all start here and become almost anything.
Go to The Source - Tasmania
The Source - Tasmania
A more than beautiful account of the fishing in a fairly unknown destination: Tasmania. Lots of variation, lots of fish and lots of stunning landscapes and locations. Filmed in breathtaking HD by Australian Nick Reygeart.
Go to Breaking the LAW
Breaking the LAW
Martin had a tremendous fly reel breakdown this past season! Upon returning from a fishing trip he did one one the rare maintenance rinses of his LAW-reel, and noticed that the small rubber tube holding the ratchet had cracked. Disaster!
Go to Revolution
Rubber duck
Man with rock
Holy sock
Beep for fuck
Smells like Teen Spirit has never smelled like this!
Go to Jan's Giant Buzzers
Jan's Giant Buzzers
I have always loved fishing buzzers for many years for trout, its just my favorite way of fly fishing except perhaps daddylonglegs. Most of my fishing is on reservoirs sometimes desolate windy rough places, where buzzers come into their own.
Go to Raoul Kempkes
Raoul Kempkes
Raoul Kempkes is a German angler whose eyes are primarily fixed on local grayling and Baltic sea trout
Go to The Perfect Woolly
The Perfect Woolly
Many flies were developed from the Woolly Bugger, German Raoul Kempkes got back to it and created a very simple pattern which is extremely durable and very easy to tie. Only a few materials are needed to tie a great pattern which is highly versatile. The perfect Woolly Bugger!
Go to Jim Roszel
Jim Roszel
"I have been an artist and fisherman my entire life. I realized a few years ago after catching a giant striped bass that I wanted a way to remember the fish so I painted the fish life-size with all of the details of the catch." says painter Jim Roszel.
Go to A Passion for Pike
A Passion for Pike
A book solely concentrating on fishing for pike by Dutch artist and avid pike angler Ad Swier. This book will take you around the subject of fishing for the toothy predator. As an angler with a smaller passion than the author's, but still a passion for pike, Martin thoroughly enjoyed the book.
Go to Tying Furled Flies
Tying Furled Flies
Hanley's pragmatic and productive approach to a specific tying method: using furled pieces of material to create elongated shapes of different kinds. Used to tie all types of flies from mayflies over large damsels to small fish. Richly illustrated with great tying and fishing pictures.
Go to Czech Nymph DVD
Czech Nymph DVD
Introduction to Czech nymph fishing with Swedish Johan Klingberg and several Czech experts. Covers the flies, the rig and fishing methods. Quiet and easygoing. Entertaining and educating. High quality and Global Class!
Go to Chuck's FlutterStone
Chuck's FlutterStone
Fly fishing guide Charles Robinton has put some serious trial and error into the design of his Chuck's FlutterStone. He thinks the result has the ideal amount of action, buggyness and overall attractiveness packed into the perfect stonefly profile.
Go to Per Gade
Per Gade
Per Gade lives in Denmark - about 100 kilometers from the capitol Copenhagen. He has been an angler for half a century - and the last fifteen years fly fishing and fly tying have been his favorite hobbies.
Go to The Fluff
The Fluff
Fish must be stupid to mistake this simple and efficient pattern for something edible, and luckily they are and they do. Danish Per Gade leads you through the paces of tying and fishing The Fluff.
Go to Nervous Water DVD
Nervous Water DVD
Four full films, ten short films and a collection of the best clips entitled "fish porn". All collected by RA Beattie who has been scooting around the globe and has compiled more than three hours of fishing video spanning Alaska, NZ, Slovenia, the US - even New Guinea! A beautiful production and more than worth its 25 bucks price tag,
Go to Catch the moment
Catch the moment
A German DVD shot in January/February 2008 during a five-week journey. Camaraderie. Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Rain forests and a really nice trip it seems, Lots of video minutes for your money and both English narration and subtitles.
Go to 10 rules for C&R
10 rules for C&R
The debate over catch and release (C&R) can get so heated sometimes that you forget what fishing is all about: having a good time by the water, enjoying nature - and catching a fish now and then.
Go to Catch&Release
Releasing the fish we catch is getting more necessary every day if we want to continue fishing in the future. This is the main contribution a fly fisher can do for the conservation of the environment. Carlos Heinsohn provides a logo, which can be used to promote C&R.
Go to Secret Flies
Secret Flies
If you use or are intrigued by the Eastern European way of nymphing - Czech nymph fishing - this book will offer you more patterns for that method than you can fish in a lifetime. The best anglers and tyers from the region shares their secrets. Bob Petti reviews the book here.
Go to Pesca a mosca
Pesca a mosca
Yeah, it's Italian, and no, Martin doesn't read Italian! But the nice layout and the great pictures is more than enough to make him enjoy this "Complete manual of fly fishing" in Italian. And in spite of having to spell his way through a few sentences, has already learned a couple of new things.

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