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The Staff Editor and Copyrights
Material contributed to GFF is copyrighted personally and guaranteed for personal copyright by usage of a copyright tagline at the bottom of each webpage. The Staff Editor retains a personal copyright on his works, illustrations and photographs. GFF is allowed unrestricted non-profit use of the contribution in site promotion for the betterment and growth of the site. GFF owns the look, feel and navigation elements of the contribution, but not the content.

Removal of Personal Copyrighted Material
At any time, the staff editor may wish to remove his/her contributions, and may do so upon written request. This only applies to 100% personally copyrighted material and not material created in a joint effort with other staff editors.

Compensation Policy
GFF is a non-profit oriented site. It relies upon submissions of quality material from people like you to add and enrich the content of the site. Given this mode of operation, GFF does not compensate for articles used on the site. In fact, the people behind the site do not get any compensation either. Operating expenses for GFF are paid privately by us.

If you feel like writing for us, read this and contact us.

User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted March 6th 2010


If you go to the forum and try to register, you get this message. It contains very clear instructions including a link with my mail-address.

It basically says: Drop me an email at with the subject "GFF, register me" and I'll take care of it. It even has a link to take you directly to your email-program if you use one...

I have you in my queue and will register a few folks including you as soon as this has been submitted.


From: Eric . T · crosscutet·at·  Link
Submitted March 5th 2010

i'm trying to register get registered on your site, have not been able to find address for "martin.

kindly advise

From: Capt. Max Mackenzie Skues ··at·  Link
Submitted September 22nd 2008

As you have disabled your "contact" details, the link "feel free to contact us"and do not show an email address how can I submit an article to you ?

From: alvaro · adelgadillo_carrillo·at·  Link
Submitted June 24th 2008

Hi my name is Alvaro I'm from Puebla, Mexico, I wish share a fly very effective here in all terrain, weather and circunstances but I can't paste the picture, Can you help me?

This fly is my creation and I named "Alvaro's fly strip nymph" or in spanish "mosca de agujeta de Alvaro".


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