Another year on GFF

Saturday January 5th 2013
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Another year on GFF

Published: Saturday January 5th 2013 (2 years ago)
Updated: Monday February 18th 2013, 8:43AM
by Martin Joergensen

So we went from 2012 to 2013, and GFF is still running smoothly with a good frequency of articles and videos and lots of readers and viewers

Some years I do it, some years I don't: write a state of the GFF nation blog post.
Well, this year I do, and this is it.

Closing in on 20
2013 will be the 19th year that GFF is online in some form or incarnation. 19 years!
You will find material on the site, which has a first publishing date in 1994. Some of our readers probably hadn't started fly-fishing back then, and a few weren't even born.
Well, GFF might be old (in Internet terms it's a Methusalem), but the site is aging in a very good way if you ask me, getting better and better and steadily increasing in size and popularity.

So what happened in 2012?
Not much really, except for a steady flow of new content. The stats say:
- 141 articles or just under 12 articles per month (there are 1.335 published articles)
- 1455 videos or just shy of 4 a day every day (there are 2.700 published videos)

And of course also a steady flow of visitors. A few numbers again:
- close to 17 million pages shown
- 2.8 million individual visits
That's about 7.500 visits a day, 320 per hour or 5 per minute. Since every visit typically takes 5 minutes you are in the virtual company of about 25 other GFF visitors during a session here... not that you feel their presence.

So enough of those boring numbers, Martin! What's new! What's planned!


News section
Well, the news section is new. Christmas a couple of years ago I made the video section, which has been extremely successful, so I thought I'd try my luck with some new stuff this Christmas too. I had long wanted somewhere to put the different happenings and events in the community, not to mention product news. I programmed a small system to handle news, integrated into our image system, the keywords and whatnot.
I'm not expecting anything like the success of the videos (that will be hard to beat with anything), but it seems to have taken nicely off this first week.
So if you have news, let me know. I now have a place to put it.

Adapted front page
The main page has also gotten a small overhaul. Nothing big, but since there is now four sections with potential new content: articles, videos, news and this blog, I thought it would be nice with a so called slider that presents more content in the same space, fading between each section's new content.
It stops when you put your mouse over it, and you can manually shift between the blocks.

Future plans
So what will come?
I honestly don't know!

Tonnes of articles of course. I keep on writing them and get more article ideas than I could write even if I did this full time, which I don't. GFF is still just a hobby project that's done in mine and other people's spare time. Suggestions are welcome.
There will be more merchandize in our store. Maybe a cap, more things with flies on them. Whatever I can think of. Suggestions are welcome.
I have my old idea list of “semi-dead” ideas. Some might spring to life.
I have thought of making a crowd funding page to recoup some of the expenses. Don't know if that will ever happen. Sometimes it's easier to just shell the money. Suggestions are welcome.

But no matter what: The Global FlyFisher will just get better, larger and hopefully more popular.

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User comments
From: Carl C. · Bigthompson1976·at·  Link
Submitted March 21st 2013

Martin, I discovered your site about a year ago and have been a faithful reader ever since. Congratulations on nearly 20 years.

From: Mo · dutchiemo·at·  Link
Submitted February 9th 2013

many many thanks also this past year..... keep on going another 19 years
thanks again

brgds Mo

From: Anonymous  Link
Submitted January 7th 2013

Thanks GFF staff for another great year of flyfishing articles, video's, pictures and other related stuff.
All the best for 2013!

Best regards,

Tom Biesot.

From: Joseph Russell · joe0200·at·  Link
Submitted January 5th 2013

Great read thanks its great to be part of GFF

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