Thursday December 18th 2003 (12 years ago)
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Lamson's new reels

Published: Thursday December 18th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Friday December 19th 2003, 3:56PM
by Martin Joergensen

Great stuff at good prices

I will buy a reel for a friend - partly as payment for some money I owe him and partly as a Christmas gift.
It's a great reel and I quite envy him... It's one of the latest Lamsons and will be either a Radius or a Velocity in a brand new design and a great color, kind of dark grey gun metal.

These reels are probably some of the best in the market right now when you take price into consideration. I have one of the old Waterworks ULA reels and a Lamson LiteSpeed, and the internals of the new inexpensive reels are basically the same. That brings promise of excellent performance. My two reels have endured everything I have thrown at that and still manage their tasks to perfection.

The price difference between the Radius and the more expensive models is significant, and still the new reels look really good and feel much like their more expensive brethern.

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