Saturday December 25th 2004 (11 years ago)
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Merry Christmas!

Published: Saturday December 25th 2004 (11 years ago)
Updated: Saturday December 25th 2004, 7:37PM
by Martin Joergensen

The GFF partners wishes everyone a great Holiday

Christmas time is usually a time that sees little fishing. Not only is the weather mostly not very well suited for fly fishing, but it also seems that the schedule is full of all other kinds of tasks that have to be taken care of.
And of course we also have to spend time with the family, eat, be marry and give and get gifts.

Ocasionally a fishing book or a DVD will sneak its way under the tree. This year saw no fishing related gifts under the Danish Cristmas tree, though.

But the shelves are so full of that stuff, that there won't be any dire needs on that front anyhow. I have at least a dozen books that I haven't read yet. So no problems there.

My only unfulfilled Christmas wish is one for fishing weather. The Danish weather gods have decided to give us a month of dull weather with western winds. Few types of weather are worse and less useful when it comes to fishing.

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