Wednesday October 19th 2005 (10 years ago)
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Re: Fantastic weeks!

Published: Wednesday October 19th 2005 (10 years ago)
Updated: Wednesday October 19th 2005, 2:49AM
by Bob Petti

Wow. Martin - congrats on the fine fish.

I have heard the Fall Run up north has been especially good this year. I had a chance to sample it for a couple hours this past weekend, and managed to hook and LDR a large salmon before I had to leave. We wasted half the morning fishing an area that was pretty devoid of fish. By the time we made it to a hot spot, it was just about time for me to head home. Still - even a few minute tug-of-war with just one of those monsters is worth the drive and the wait. I don't think I will make it back until Thanksgiving weekend.

No pics yet. :-(

Keep 'em coming, Martin. It's nice to know someone is fishing and catching.

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