Tuesday October 10th 2006 (9 years ago)
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GFF Caps

Published: Tuesday October 10th 2006 (9 years ago)
Updated: Tuesday October 10th 2006, 9:54AM
by Martin Joergensen

We're considering having another batch made

Many years ago in the late childhood or early adolescence of GFF, partner Steve Schweitzer had a batch of caps with an embroidered logo made up. The idea was to sell these caps on the site, and we even opened a small shopping system to handle the chore.

But you know what? Nobody bought our caps!

It wound up being an expense and most of the caps were given away to friends.

But lately I have been asked a few times about GFF caps, with clear indications that people want them, so I'm now trying to get some quotes on caps from local shops. The problem is that I have to buy at least 50 and I have to pay them up front. This will again mean expenses and since I'm not quite sure whether there is a genuine interest, I'm just trying this way of getting a show-of-hands for GFF caps.

Would you be interested in a GFF cap? My estimate is that they will wind up costing about 15-18 UD$ each plus postage. That will cover expenses and leave a bit of room for unsold goods.

This was the old model, but we're aiming at somthing like it

Are you interested?

Drop me a mail on martin@globalflyfisher.com or let your voice be heard in this thread in our forum.

This cap has been places!

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