Friday April 6th 2007 (8 years ago)
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Opening Day 2007

Published: Friday April 6th 2007 (8 years ago)
Updated: Friday April 6th 2007, 4:06PM
by Bob Petti

No fishing. Just scouting.

Opening Day this year was met with partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures, and river levels falling after a week of heavy runoff. Most rivers had waters hovering in the upper 30's, with levels still well above what fly fishers would considerable "decent" for fly angling. I saw a few fly lines here and there, but most of the anglers I saw had spin outfits and bait of some sort. One fella I talked to proudly showed me the two nice browns he had in the trunk of his car, the larger of the two with a big minnow hanging out of its mouth (a real minnow - not bait). Whenever I think my streamers are too large, I will think of the 18" brown with the 5" minnow stuck in its throat.

I think it'll be a few weeks before I get my waders wet. My goal is to feel the pull of a fish before I feel the pull of the lawn mower.

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