Friday September 21st 2007 (8 years ago)
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Off to the Summit

Published: Friday September 21st 2007 (8 years ago)
Updated: Friday September 21st 2007, 8:44AM
by Martin Joergensen

In a couple of hours we will be on the road

The GFF Summit 2007 will be in this weekend, and I'll be leaving within ano hour or two.

Again we will gather on the Danish island Fyn and fish the Danish salt water fish par excellence: sea trout. There will be people from all over Europe - 35 all in all - so double up from last year, and a reattendance of all participants from last year except for two.

Fishing is likely to be good. A few of the guys have already wet a line and had good luck. The weather is OK although no brillant. Sunday seems to be our best best for a good day.

There will be pictures and reports when we get back. Promise.

Wish us luck.

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