Tuesday December 11th 2007 (8 years ago)
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Grey, grey, grey!

Published: Tuesday December 11th 2007 (8 years ago)
Updated: Tuesday December 11th 2007, 10:00AM
by Martin Joergensen

The weather here is awful! Fishing seems far away and work just all too close...

Can't really see myself near the water any time soon now. The weather has been cloudy, rainy, windy and downright murky for as long as I can remember back (a couple of weeks). My last fishing trip was a dark and fruitless venue, and judging from the weather report, it's not going to be better any time soon.

And we're only in December... fishing doesn't really take off here until March and the winter hasn't even started for real yet.

Yes, it's a severe case of cabin fever, no doubt.

And a client just called about problems with a system we made, so it's back to work here.

Man, I miss this!

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