Tuesday April 29th 2008 (7 years ago)
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King of the moonfish

Published: Tuesday April 29th 2008 (7 years ago)
Updated: Monday May 5th 2008, 8:44PM
by Martin Joergensen

I managed to squeeze in some real fishing in Florida thanks to GFF contributor Martin Bowers

I have only fished on and off for a few minutes here and a few minutes there during my Florida trip with the family, but Martin Bowers - a GFF contributor and former BC inhabitant - changed that.

Martin invited me to go night fishing for snook, and even after having set the alarmclock to 3:40 in the morning I didn't regret saying yes thank you.

We drove to the local boat ramp about 10 minutes away from Martin's home to launch the boat. He does have a ramp in the back yard, but that can't be used at night.

Leisurely sailing into the channels and the river inlet at Jupiter where Martin lives, we found the lights from docks and bridges and fished under them. There was plenty fish, but I only managed to hook and land one small snook. I also got a jack, but the rest of my fish were moonfish - maybe 10-12 or more. Martin immediately baptized me "King of the Moonfish".

The trip was a welcome change from our riding around in an RV. Great fun, but you certainly get to see som road!

Well, any day (or night) fishing is better than almost anything else, and being King of the Moonfish isn't bad at all.

We headed home at sunup - everything exept the mullet seem to go asleep when the light comes - and my Florida trip is slowly winding down here.

Soon it's back to the treadmill and back to publishing lots of new GFF stuff.

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