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Published Dec 31st 1969

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User comments
GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted May 30th 2010


Both contact and guarantee depends on the manufacturer and since we don't know what brand rod you have, we can't really help.


From: leon · leon.maertens·at·telenet.be  Link
Submitted May 30th 2010

hi,can anybody help me i have broken my flyrod and want to repair it in the factory but i can't find no e-mail adress in denmark is it also life garantie?
greatings leon

From: s harris · wildbrookies·at·verizon.net  Link
Submitted January 7th 2010

This is a wonderful review on up and coming or little known fly-rod manufacturers. I especially enjoyed the "overview"
Thanks so much. Will def have to try a few of these!

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted January 3rd 2010


Try contacting them directly. The contact information can be found on their web page, which unfortunately only behaves reasonably well in Internet Explorer.


From: Curtis · curtis.haley·at·ymail.com  Link
Submitted January 3rd 2010

Does anyone know where I can get harvest rods in the United States?

From: Caddis · caddishu·at·fly-house.com  Link
Submitted January 7th 2009

Hi everybody,
I am so glad to hear the all appreciation from those of you. Basically, you can check the manufacturer of Harvest fly rod from the rod painting near the hook rest. I think probly you can find the producer is Morewell. If you have great interest in this fly rod, you can search Morewell fly rod. I think you will definitely find it.

From: Hank · cpu691188·at·yahoo.com.tw  Link
Submitted January 7th 2009

if you guys want to get some info of Harvest fly rod,
you can check this website: www.fly-house.com
although this website is in Chinese,
you could ask any question in English,
and I am pretty sure you can get a great answer in English.
by the way, the designers of harvest rod are always visit this website,
I am also sure they will be very glad to answer any question about Harvest rod.

From: Derek Smith - South Africa · smithdd·at·mweb.co.za  Link
Submitted June 8th 2008

What a great article - I have cast a 9' #5 Harvest traveller fly rod and was very impressed.

From: S Ilija · mail.silija·at·gmail.com  Link
Submitted November 26th 2006

Thanks for great link Jari, i just research prices of harvest product's and i think harvest rod have best quality for that price, i buying TRAVELER 4pc's 9" class#5 in next couple day. Thank's Martin, for your great comparing that i found on your page.

I wish all of you many great day on river with fly tackle in hand

Ilija from Banja Luka, BiH

From: Bojan · simpson·at·sbb.co.yu  Link
Submitted November 18th 2006

The Harvest website is not working. Try to contact mrs Daisy from harvest tackle directlly at harvest.tackle@msa.hinet.net. She is very kind and agent for middle Europe is rudi-heger@t-online.de . I have Traveler 9' 5wt and it is amazing rod. Very light and very powerfull, and it became my favourite rod in 5wt( I have Winston BIIx and TNT Paradigm in same lenght) .
Regards form Serbia!

From: Jari Wiklund · jari.wiklund·at·gmail.com  Link
Submitted November 17th 2006

Hi Silja.

I know that hsimport.se carries at least the rods and blanks from harvest


GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted November 17th 2006


The Internet service from Taiwan seems to be very flimsy. Sometimes the page works, sometimes it doesn't. Try again at a later time.


From: S Ilija · mail.silija·at·gmail.com  Link
Submitted November 16th 2006

www.harvest-tackle.com.tw is not working, Is there some another way to find harvest articles ?

From: Jonas · yojonas·at·gmail.com  Link
Submitted July 5th 2006


I've bought a Harvest Tackle Traveller 9# "7. And I really think it's an amazing rod! I bought it from a dealership in Sweden for hardly no money.

Thanx for your review "urging" me to get me one of those rods

From: ralph j. bishop · ralph.jbishop·at·verizon.net  Link
Submitted April 29th 2006


i started this earlier, but i lost it ...here goes...again...i'm new to the pc.
thru the years i have aquired three sets of very thick / hollow bamboo rods...two w/furrels...one aluminum and another brass...and are three section rods.
looking at what i have seen so far thru the net...i have not been able to find any online. the ones i have. i'm these exist...some where...
would you have in put of what i speak of ? i'd appreciate your efforts and time, thank you.

nam vet,

From: kossi rissanen · fisubitti·at·bamburakentaja.com  Link
Submitted March 6th 2006

You can find or ask Harvest rods from Finland too.

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted February 5th 2006


Harvest is in Taiwan. Their web site is mentioned in the article, but you can also find it here. It's best viewed in Internet Explorer and fails in Mozilla.


From: Ken Cozicar · cozicar·at·telus.net  Link
Submitted February 5th 2006

I found this site while looking at different fly rods. Really enjoyed the reviews and unbiased commentary. Could you possibly supply me with a website address for Harvest Fly Rods?

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