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Published Dec 31st 1969

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User comments
From: Tony Stevens · keepingafloat2000·at·yahoo.co.nz  Link
Submitted May 18th 2011

Flyboy's comments are utterly unspeakable and I suggest that in Fiordland there are quite a few "Good ol Boys" toting heavy fire power to warrent descretion from the chopper boys. Most keep at least 500m off the deck and are very wary of men or women standing in water up to their chests waving sticks. This tactic is often done by trampers too as it gives relief from sandflies. In Canterbury a naughty ploy is to sneak up on unsuspecting untended choppers and superglue large rocks to one skid. Take offs can be quite challenging I am told!

From: Fly Boy · flyfishalberta·at·gmail.com  Link
Submitted May 18th 2011

What about hiring helicopters getting me to the world's best fishing spots? Why try if I can't fly? Only people with thousands of dollars to spend flagrantly catch fish. And it's always better to get your pilot to land 500m upstream from the other anglers you see on approach. They appreciate you letting them know that you will be just upstream so they can still have time in their day to find somewhere else to fish or maybe they can now relax after their 10 hour hike because they won't hav any fish to worry about. Obviously, people who have time to hike in to these places have little to offer the world and those in choppers are the real movers & shakers, so they should be honored and given way.

From: Phil Ewanicki · pewanicki·at·yahoo.com  Link
Submitted April 29th 2011

Much of what's in print about the best fishing spots was written by or for the local chamber of commerce. Join a local fly-fishing club. It won't take long to discover who knows where the fish are and when and what they are hitting. My experience has been that these guys are usually willing to share their knowledge and often invite you to go fishing with them.

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·globalflyfisher.com  Link
Submitted April 28th 2011


It certainly is for fun, and mocking the people who stand in the "picket line" as you so precisely call it. None of the above is a fact except for the "many people equals many fish", which is often true simply because more anglers catch more fish. Apart from that I would personally mostly do the exact opposite of what this article recommends.


From: Tony Stevens · keepingafloat2000·at·yahoo.co.nz  Link
Submitted April 28th 2011

I do hope that this is a tongue in cheek spoof 'cause if not I have wasted seventy years of prime angling time. However fishing the picket line is not my scene, spotting wild fish in wilderness places most definately is and through the years I guess I have done well and learned a little too. I'm a satisfied loner!

From: Tom Biesot · tomfo·at·casema.nl  Link
Submitted April 26th 2011

A lot of fun reading the above article and the other two (how to look and act right).
I have laughed a lot, like to see some more.

From: Drew Smith · mrdrewsmith·at·yahoo.com  Link
Submitted April 25th 2011

Us Americans don't like to walk too far from the truck so this article is good news and will be well received here. Dont forget the hot dogs and sodas people.

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