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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - May 13th 1996
That #?%&/# wind!
This spring has been a strange one. I have never experienced anything that unstable. We are well into May and it's still very cold and windy. The predominant wind has been North East for almost since new year - and NE is about the worst wind you could want in Denmark. We miss the mild Southern winds that bring up warmth from central Erope and makes water flow the right way.
Garfish are still in
Trout fishing has been very slow this spring. Generally it's a blessing to fish the spring: fish are hungry and abundant. But not so this year. I still had me best month in January - in ice cold water and flocks of snow. I have a couple of friends that have fished intensively for the last couple of weeks, and they have caught next to nothing. Just a few small trout - and lots of garfish. My favourite spot for garfish has dissapointed me this year. I have fished it twice without a touch. Well they are there - both garfish, trout and cod, and I will get my share.

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