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Global Fly Fisher, Fishing in Denmark - January 20th 1997
The ice is gone...
After a couple of long months - November and December - with very nice but very cold weather - it seems to be back to the usual Danish winter: dark, moist, not really cold but certainly not warm either.
This means that the ice on the open coasts has gone, but that the fjords are still somewhat covered. The fishing is still slow, even though sporadic stories about good winter days are heard.
The sea trout fishing can only get better compared to 1996, and most Danish fishers are hopeful - though still in doubt - about the 1997 season. If this turns out as bad as 1996 there will be a lot of rods and reels for sale.

Early spring
Last year the only really good fishing was done in the early spring. When the ice dissapeared from the fjords after a long cold winter there was an astonishingly good fishing with numerous fishers catching dozens of sea trout in a day - which is very rare. But it lasted only for a week or two, and after that the sea was empty... or at least close to.
So an advice for this year could be: get out early, be ready. They're there and the they're gone

There's always the cod
So much the more reason to try something else. Cod fishing has been excellent the last couple of years, and I can only urge you to try this underappreciated fish. It's a feast on a fly rod, even though not a fish that will take you into the backing. But the large numbers of fiush can turn a bad sea trout day into an enjoyable cod day.

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