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Videos with "Grayling" - More videos about about this subject
River Bug For Grayling
Another successful pattern for grayling.
Forgotten Grayling Lake!

Absolutely the best grayling spot where i have ever visited!

This lake and small river inhabits only large grayling, ... We caught over 60 (50cm-59cm) graylings in one day. All graylings were C&R! The largest grayling we have caught there is 2120grams. The average grayling size is between 50-59cm!

If you are interested in this once in a lifetime trip please do not hesitate to ask us for more information.


Beautiful Fly Fishing in Bosnia
Beautiful Brown Trouts and Graylings A very nice fly fishing destination.(C) 2014 Yannick Kopff
Alex et les ombres
Fly fishing in the grayling paradise
Grayling featuring ABBA
The grayling is a fish but it's not a brown trout. It's sort of like ABBA - everyone like them in some strange kind of way but if you get too much of them - it's not that funny any more. This is a random video from Finnmark in Norway where the grayling are plenty. A fish +50 cm on every cast, Just like ABBA, too many hits.
Streamer fishing for grayling in No...
Early season streamer fishing for grayling, Hodalen lakes, Norway.